Here is an update from John and Neta, who have many years of experience in radio ministry:

For us the year of 2013 has been a year of many blessings, where God has again proven Himself sufficient for all our needs. It has been a real blessing to see how God is increasingly using the Low German programs, such as Through the Bible Program, Women of Hope, The Bible plus a number of others, in many different ways.

First of all, of course, we have them on our online server, where they can be downloaded to be aired on radio. However, we also have a link on the server called: Low German Programs for Personal Use or Group Studies, which are available for anyone to download.

With the modern technology people have available for listening to these programs nowadays, we are amazed from how far and wide people are calling us, requesting these programs. We have been blessed to see how the Lord is using this ministry, far beyond just on radio.

Besides the above, I (John) have just finished translating the fourth course of a series of four courses called: Foundations for Living Discipleship Course, from English to Low German. The author of this course is Dick Driedger, director of Foundations For Living Society, which is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. So, with all the above, we are being blessed very richly and have no need to look for more work.

However, over the past several months we have been asked by the RTM Bolivia board to come and help them with the Low German Ministry. At the formal request of RTM to help them build stability and vision for the Low German side of the RTM ministry, after much prayer, seeking God’s will, we feel that the Lord is calling us to take on this position for a short term.

John and Neta arrived in Bolivia last month. We are so grateful for their continued commitment to the work God has called them to.

This video was created by an intern with Agua Yaku, the EFCCM ministry committed to providing safe, clean drinking water in Bolivia.

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“What a blessing it has been to have the team here again. So much of our ministry is here because of teams that give of their time and finances. The encouragement that they are when they are here is something money can’t buy.” Jake and Mary were blessed to have a team visit from Wilfred and Shirley’s home church. The pastor delivered Sunday’s message. His Low German was a little rusty so Jake got to translate.

Jake and Mary took their Bolivia “kids” Ariel and Fanny Rodas to an aunt living in Tarija, and they did and ate things they had never before encountered!

Jake had the privilege of teaching baptismal classes through the last month. They had 2 young boys get baptized!

Casa Elizabeth and Casa Mariposa received a play structure. “I wish that would have been up one week earlier when we had the seven little ones here. But they are in Canada, reunited with their father. Her husband is now a Christian! God has truly done a miracle in his life. Last week the mother phoned from Canada thanking us again for all we had done and what a different life she now had. She sounded so happy! I hope we have many more good reports like that coming from Casa Elizabeth.”

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garyandevaEva and Gary are currently in language school in Texas, preparing to serve in Bolivia.

I hope you’ll appreciate the honesty and humility in their latest blog post:



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