Mission Manitoba Video

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At this summer’s Conference, we unveiled a short video called Mission Manitoba.

On a personal note, making this particular video was a highlight of my year. As Communications Manager, I (Brad) am often given over to a feeling of humble awe that I get to be involved in this stuff. The plan for this video came together at the last minute.

It covers three unique church ministries in the EFCC’s Central District in Manitoba — one in Winkler, one in Winnipeg and one in Carberry. So much of what I experienced in Manitoba could not be included in this video. This isn’t limited to the passion of the people who are propelling these vital, vibrant ministries forward, although that should not be underestimated. It was also personally feeling the generosity and hospitality of strangers, and the wealth of experience and humility that people shared in conversation with me that offered me a glimmer of just how large and diverse the family of God really is.

I’m sorry that not all of that could fit into this piece. But if this gives you just a taste of my own sense of amazement and wonder at what God is up to in our midst, then I guess that will have to do. :-)

Low Stakes Mistakes

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• Are you interested in learning about the Muslim faith?
• Are you keen on initiating meaningful dialogue with Muslim people?
• Are you considering serving among Muslim people full-time?

One of the newest churches within the EFCC family is made up of Iranian-Canadians. They are former Muslims who have converted to Christianity – several of them through prophetic dreams!

This church is looking for a couple who are making plans toward full-time ministry to join them as interns. They want your help in perhaps a preaching role. Or in worship leading. Or just about any service you can offer.
Learning a language and a culture is a process that inherently involves mistakes. Among Muslim people in foreign countries, these mistakes can carry extensive consequences. Here is a church welcoming you to make your mistakes amongst loving, caring people who are eager to see you live up to your calling and God-given potential.

The church is located in Richmond Hill, in the Toronto area, an area they refer to as the “Middle East of Canada”. If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact us at Home Office.

Pastoral Opening (Updated)

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Feeling Called to the Country?
Small Town Flock Needs a Shepherd!

Pastoral position opening in Dorion, ON

We are looking for someone who is eager to strengthen Church Fellowship, Christian Education, Family,
Youth and Adult ministries; who is interested in Member visitation, worship through singing and music;
who has Bible knowledge and knows Christian doctrine to help members lead obedient, victorious
lifestyles, and allow them to develop their own personal ministry skills.

Find out all the details by clicking here.

Begin the application process by clicking here.

**Closing date for all applications is June 30, 2011**