10 Things to Consider Before Giving

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The following piece is reposted with permission from Pastor Able Baker, in Fort St. James, BC.

Are there any particular points that jump out at you? Comments are open!


Today I was talking with a friend about giving. While talking with him I realized there is a lot to consider when you feel you are ready to give something to someone. Here is a list of things to ask yourself before making the decision to give something to someone. I am interested in what you think and what you might add to this list.

  1. Avoid giving in order to make yourself feel better.
  2. Don’t give with strings attached.
  3. In most cases giving should cost you something. What will this cost you?
  4. Make sure you can give in a way that restores or maintains a persons dignity.
  5. Don’t give people who need something that works, something that needs work.
  6. Don’t give someone something they can’t afford to keep.
  7. If you can’t let go of ownership don’t give it away.
  8. Give locally before you give globally.
  9. If you cannot receive a gift well you probably can’t give a gift well.
  10. Many times we can give our enemies what they will not give us.

Earnest Quest to Develop Some Interaction

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I have a question that I hope will generate some comments:

What is the most confusing thing about the EFCCM?

I’m striving to keep the EFCCM looking simple and clean, and to make sure that all the ideas we present follow that directive. So, tell me where it’s not working for you. If you got questions, I wanna know! :-)

Missions As a Career?

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The missionary career is a fascinating choice. There are so many components to global outreach in the contemporary world. Some parts of ministry deal with the abstract parts of people: the soul and the emotions. Others deal with the basic necessities, like food, water and medicine. And in between, missionaries try to live a ‘normal’ life…

Growing up in Africa, my parents used to say that cars were the great equaliser. It didn’t matter if you were driving a brand new Benz, or a 25-year-old Datsun. When it broke down — they all did — you were stranded. Parts were a nearly non-existent commodity, and mechanics used any number of ‘innovations’ to keep a vehicle running. (Some ‘innovations’ caused more problems than they solved!) Missions is a choice that turns your entire world upside down, and changes everything you think you know. But there is no better vantage point to understand God’s grace!

A career in missions is birthed from a heart to do something. To help somehow. How are you feeling that desire in you? Maybe it’s to be involved in humanitarian relief. There is an increasing amount of attention currently being paid to the poverty, disease and suffering that is prevalent around the world. It’s an understatement to say that there’s room for a whole lot more! There is also a deep need to share the reality of Christ’s love to people, to explain and share faith in tangible, accessible ways. At the EFCCM, we are pursuing and celebrating causes like these all over the world! If there was one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be? And how would you start?