PulseTV — Medicare in China

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We’re privileged to have Gary as the guest for this episode of PulseTV. He’s serves with Medicare Resources Limited.

You can watch it online in the clip above, or you can download it from the following links:
PulseTV_Episode011.wmv — 26MB (for Windows PCs)
PulseTV_Episode011.mv4 — 43MB (for Macs)

Stay tuned for the next episode when we connect with Steve, Latin America Area Director.

Marking the Earthquake’s 1yr Anniversary

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The 1yr milestone was reached on May 11th. (Click here for an emotive story I found about it.) Our workers in health education and community development are continuing to offer support to the affected region.

“During the earlier part of the Earthquake outreach we purchased a portable microphone sound system which could be used for the many fun camps. Recently we discussed offering Saturday morning cartoons or movies at the Earthquake Schools. So my national partner discussed it with a principal who immediately gave him a digital projector! So now my friend can bring this treat on his supervision rounds throughout the many sites.”

Our health education team distributes free ‘movie passes’ to children in the area — that seems to work better than just offering an open invitation — and is using these times to encourage increased connection between the families and the team. In amongst the available cartoons they have at their disposal, there is even a collection of Old Testament cartoons. More than just building a bridge into the community, these cartoons themselves may offer an introduction to the God who can bring hope and heal lives.

But wait, there’s more!

“Another development is an NGO which focused more on medical projects and village doctor training for years had a large quantity of basic health books printed for earthquake survivors. They recently offered 500 books so now may we pray that those workers who have access particularly to classrooms can offer to teach these preventative health lessons to the kids and back at the homes with parents. This can be a major step in expanding our workers’ reasons for follow-up. “

Earthquake, 7 Months Later

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Do you remember the earthquake in China that happened earlier this year? I posted something about it here and here. I recently received an update which is both heart-wrenching and uplifting at once.

L. is a 24 year-old Chinese representative that’s working directly with the victims of the earthquake, and intends to for years to come. These two stories come from her.

When L. first saw ZC. he was like an ADD child (13yrs) who could not stop running and teasing other kids and his brother (9yrs). Their father died in the quake and the mother farms in the nearby fields most of the time. When L. initially visited his home he would not talk at all. L. eventually was able share with him and asked if the “earthquake shadow” and “father death” were still in his heart (local meaning for fear of quakes and dying). She mentioned that if it was true, he didn’t need to face them by himself. He started talking more with her as she expressed concern and interest to listen. Then he started to sob and talk about the hurt in his heart. He thought that it was now his responsibility to take care for his mother and brother even though he felt he was nothing. Then L. hugged him from the back and he started crying out loud.

S. lost both parents in the earthquake. The mixed up feelings in her heart sometimes lead her to fight with other children. She lives with her uncle now who is disabled but wants to go out to work. When L. visited the home she met the S. who generally doesn’t talk too much. At that time L. and S. went for a long walk along the river bank. As the conversation grew S. started to feel more comfortable with L. and started to show her deep hidden feelings about what she experienced in the quake. Now L. & S. are close friends and L. continues to regularly follow up with her and the uncle.

Pray for healing and strength for victims, and for wisdom and safety of the people working within this situation.

There are ways that you can get involved. You can sponsor a child for $1/day. Or you could send a team to the area to lead camp-type events. Or you can assist with creating a temporary library. Drop us a line if you’d like to know more.

Continuing Relief Effort in China

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China’s damage and loss continues to escalate. Aftershocks have continued well after the initial earthquake, and they continue to dangerously shake weakened structures.

Here is a list of things that are being conducted by one of our most important partnerships in China. These are the needs that they perceive to be the greatest going forward.

1. Christian families & their neighbors: for emergency relief and possible community work outside church (210,000RMB [about US$30,000] has been sent to Sichuan Christian Council already)

2. Rebuilding of churches (Dujiangyan, Mianzhu, etc.), amounting 5 million RMB (US$714,000)

3. Starting Social Services at Dujiangyan church (e.g. Rehab Centre, Orphanage, Integrated services).

4. Long term support to their development in community service.

We will continue to update you with further information here as it becomes available. Please don’t forget to pray for this area of China, that even amidst the pain and sorrow, God’s presence would be felt.

Earthquake Relief Efforts in China

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By now I’m sure you’ve seen or heard media reports of the earthquake that hit China. The damage is widespread in the affected area — all the buildings and houses exhibit damage, from major cracks to total collapse. In the hardest hit areas roads and bridges are impassable, and communication lines are down. The need for relief is urgent!

We have workers in China assisting relief efforts. They recently joined a convoy of vehicles taking water, food, medicine and blankets into the disaster zone. As the tremors continue, many people have been evacuated to safer towns, and others to continue to flee the area. But the poorest people have nowhere to go, and no way to leave. They are living in makeshift plastic tents on the roadside or in open fields.

The government has been very active in providing assistance to people. There has been a large-scale deployment (roughly 20,000) of soldiers to rescue survivors from the ruins. Road clearing crews are at work to allow more soldiers and relief workers access to the area.

If you would like to help, here’s what we can tell you. At this moment, the most urgent need is for basic necessities. Donations made now will offer essential supplies to the survivors in the region. We are also fundraising to support medical teams who are heading into the affected area. By visiting this page you can donate directly to support these initiatives — please designate acct. 2-2172 and label it “Earthquake relief”. Alternatively you can contact us in any of the ways listed here to get in touch with us to see if there are other ways you can help.

The next steps will be to help people rebuild their homes, their livelihoods and their families. We want to do all that we can to help. Together, our calling is to provide hope wherever we can, and in the midst of the pain and sorrow of this disaster it is needed now more than ever!