Big Problems Need Better Thinking (Coaching Clinic)

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In case you weren’t aware, the EFCC has a massive problem. Huge! The second largest in the world, actually. I mean, it’s basic geography: our country is simply enormous! Now, we’ve looked into it, and everyone we’ve talked to has told us that shrinking Canada isn’t really feasible. Certainly not now. Maybe not ever.


We’ve been wrestling with the question:

How do we facilitate meaningful, vibrant relationships between churches and leaders to enhance the EFCC’s spirit of community?

We want everything we do to have the most reach, but our ability to do national-scale events is limited. The two biggest priorities are the EFCC Conference and the Theological Summit, which alternate. This means we have EFCC-wide get-togethers each year. As a movement (not to mention as Home Office staff), we simply do not have the capacity to add more events at that scale.

We believe the way forward for us is to create distributed events.

These will achieve two things:

  1. attract and connect people of like minds, and
  2. resource people with specific insights and instruction to improve their ministry.

We are also thinking through how to leverage technology to augment our solutions. But technology cannot do it all. In-person, shared experiences are still the best path to start and strengthen relationships.


The first distributed event of its kind is our Culture of Coaching Clinic, happening in Okotoks, AB April 22nd.

This isn’t another new program to fill your busy schedule with. It’s an approach to doing ministry.

The ministry your church is already doing.

With the people who are already involved!

You can see all the details in this pdf:
Culture of Coaching Clinic (web resolution)
Culture of Coaching Clinic (print resolution)

If you would like to register, click here:
Culture of Coaching Clinic registration