Another Brush (or Two) With Reality

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Louise just returned to South America after having finished some extensive training in Hong Kong. She hasn’t returned to Venezuela though, she’s gone to Colombia, which is a new country for the EFCCM! A handful of days after she arrived though, she was robbed. The thieves didn’t find her cash, or her computer, which is a big relief, but it’s still rattling to have someone take your property. It’s certainly not the kind of welcome we’d hoped for her there.

We also received word from Eddie and Bonita in Rwanda that they have been victims of an attempted burglary too. Guards chased the would-be thieves from the property before they could make off with anything. But it’s clear that there are people with the intention to steal, and who’ve got a clear idea what they’re after.

When we ask for prayers of safety and protection for our missionaries, this is a way that they get answered. We’re grateful that in neither of these situations haven’t been as bad as they could have been, but please take this as an encouragement to continue to pray!