EFCC Theological Summit

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Thanks to all who joined us in various ways for our Theological Summit 2017!

We will have a report about the event posted here soon!

EFCC Conference 2016: Conference Camp



Hey Parents!

We are so excited about EFCC Conference Camp coming up in just under 2 months. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve each of you as you attend conference; by ministering to, getting to know and enjoying your children. Many of you are new and we extend a hearty west coast welcome! We trust you will be refreshed and encouraged to continue on your journey as you spend time at Conference.

We have a fun and exciting Conference Camp planned for children and youth ages 1-18. We will begin each morning with a devotional or bible study to have a Godly start to the day. And the rest of the day will be filled with age appropriate activities that we trust will give children and youth fond memories of church and being part of God’s family. From splash parks, to farm animals, to crafts, to music, games, exploring, carnival fun, beach days and more, we ensure that your kids will have a wonderful experience here in beautiful British Columbia!

We hope to see you there!

The EFCC Conference Camp Staff

EFCC Conference 2016: Creation Care Lunch Invitation

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EFCC and Creation Care

A small, enthusiastic team has formed to develop a written resource for the EFCC on the subject of Creation Care. Rather than creating an opinion piece in a vacuum, this team hopes to initiate an important dialogue that will continue and grow throughout our movement. They want to get a sense of the concerns and priorities within environmentally-sensitive EFCCers.

If you’re coming to the Conference, you’re invited to a special focus Lunch.

This will happen during the lunch break on Thursday August 4th at the Fort Langley church (the Conference venue). There will be three parts in the hour-long event:

  • While we eat, an introduction to who we are, and to purpose and plan of the initial project we are working on
  • An interesting perspective on the lunch we just ate, presented by John Wood, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, The King’s University, Edmonton
  • A dialogue on the project and the topic of Creation Care in EFCC.

Your part has 5 simple steps:

  1. Register for Conference and opt-in for the lunch provided by the FLEFC caterers
  2. At the same time, register your intention to come to the Creation Care focus lunch with laniefung@gmail.com
  3. On Aug. 4, get and bring your lunch as quickly as possible to the Upper Room
  4. Upon arrival, receive a $5 cash rebate on your lunch price; yes, you read that right: we are so keen about this lunch that we are paying the first 30 people who show up!
  5. Enjoy the company and engage with the discussion.


EFCC Conference 2016: Invitation to the LeadBeyond Reception

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Dan & June NicholsonAs EFCC Leadership Catalyst, Dan Nicholson heads up LeadBeyond.

There is much to share about how LeadBeyond started, what it has accomplished, and the plans it is laying for the future.

Biblical servant leadership is moving people to God’s preferred future while addressing their felt needs. LeadBeyond is the EFCC initiative for developing servant leaders among us.

We want our leaders to be known for their:

  • commitment to mutual trust
  • Spirit-motivated dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • investment into a culture of coaching
  • belief in movement-wide inter-dependence
  • personal involvement in evangelism
  • love for the glory of God
  • unity

John Quincy Adams said:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Many of you are this kind of person. We want to fan the flame of your dreams and assist you in the role God has called you to!

On the Friday (Aug 5th) of EFCC Conference 2016, LeadBeyond will host a dessert reception after the evening plenary.

We hope that you will join us and give consideration to supporting the dream of a more intentional leadership development among our pastors and lay leaders.

EFCC Conference 2016: Seeking Sponsorships

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This appeal is from Deb Taylor, our on-site coordinator for EFCC Conference 2016.

When I was on-site coordinator in the past, I had sought out sponsorships for the extra special things we do above what is budgeted for from Home Office.

I am seeking to do the same this year for a few things in particular:

  1. Children’s/Teens Conference Camp – we are charging a minimal fee for the spectacular things that my leaders have planned, in order to make it possible for as many of our lay leaders, pastors and missionaries to come as a whole family.
  2. T-Shirts for volunteers and children’s camp
  3. The Banquet – because Fort Langley EFC is a medium-sized church and does not have room enough for the number of people we expect at the banquet, we have had to move it to the Langley Events Centre and of course that increases the cost as everything has to be rented from them and the catering has to be done by them.

Altogether, I am hoping to raise up to $6500.

So what I am asking is:

  1. if you would consider sending in any amount yourself or
  2. if you could pass on the opportunity to any “friend of the Free Church” you know who would be interested or
  3. if you could promote it in your own churches as an opportunity to bless the bigger family.