MEMO Progress Update

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Sadly, MEMO was turned down by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) for the sizeable grant it had applied for. They were hoping to grow the breast-cancer screening program by two mobile mammography units per year over the next five years. Not receiving this grant means that MEMO (Medical Equipment Modernisation Opportunity) cannot proceed with the swiftness that it hoped. Long story short, it just means that MEMO will proceed as it has from the beginning, with its network of private supporters and contributors.

The mammography clinic already deployed in Cuba is currently examining 4,000 women a year. The goal is to detect breast cancer early enough to treat it with minor surgery. If not found early, the implications become much more of a concern. According to Dr. Jerome’s calculation, this one clinic is preventing the untimely deaths of 40 women per year.

Indeed, it’s working so well that MEMO is now building another one!

The clinic is a custom-built trailer that houses an x-ray machine which can be hauled from village to village by a tractor. Such a rig in North America would cost somewhere between $350,000 and $400,000. The clinic that MEMO is assembling costs about $3,500 for the construction of the trailer (which has been provided already), $7,000 for the mammography unit and $10,000 for shipping.

Through the witness of the leaders and supporters of MEMO, the whole medical team connected with this mammography clinic have chosen to put their faith in Christ. Each day now begins with Scripture reading and prayer. Everyone connected to this knows that Christians are responsible for this living-giving medical help — a solid witness to the practical love we’re called to!

If you would like to contribute finances to the completion this clinic, or its shipping costs, you can use our donation page and use project code 2-5055.

Defining the Success of a Fund-Raising Dinner

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We received this update from Jerome and Maureen concerning one night they recently shared with several of their MEMO (Medical Equipment Modernisation Opportunity) friends. The following is in their words:

How do you define success of a fund raising dinner?

By the fact that the food was excellent?
That you met some new friends at your table?
That you were reminded of God’s faithfulness and blessing to MEMO over the last seven years?
That people have been challenged to pray for the people of Cuba that they will realize God’s love for them as their physical needs are met by MEMO?
Or by the amount of money raised ($11,000 after expenses were paid)?
Or that a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and said “I am a Cuban. Thank you.”

Well all of the above!

We praise God for moving the hearts of His people to give so generously.
We trust that though unseen you will continue praying for MEMO.
The money will pay for container #44 to be packed and shipped Saturday, November 26th with enough left over to pay for 3 months of mammography film which we sent in the last container.

Memo on Momentus MEMO Momentum

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The massive undertaking that is MEMO (Medical Equipment Modernisation Opportunity) continues to grow. Hospital equipment and tools that are out of service are inventoried, packed and shipped to Cuba where it can be deployed by the skilled, well-trained doctors there. The following mini-report comes from Jerome, who has been instrumental in getting MEMO off the ground.

With a lot of hard work and some very chilled volunteers we got the 41st container packed and shipped. It contained an ultrasound for Aurora (for more accurate biopsies), an anaesthetic machine, specialised dressings to follow up Karen Parker’s wound care workshops in Villa Clara two weeks ago.

And it also contains literally tons of other medical supplies and equipment to continue our mission of showing God’s love to the Cubans by enhancing their health care.

We have room now to receive dental suites, beds etc. that are awaiting pick-up.

Pray now that the contents of the container will find the proper destination and use in Villa Clara.

MEMO Container #40

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The latest MEMO container destined for Cuba is packed and on its way. One of the most important elements of this particular shipment is the ambulance. It will be used in the mountains, especially in service to women and infants, and we expect that they will appreciate the new access to improved health care.

Other supplies include dental chairs, newer computers, and new chemicals and film for the x-ray machine. That last one is a key need that has arisen recently, so it’s good to hear that the life-saving service can resume its work.

Due to the expenses incurred by shipping this container, MEMO is currently running at a substantial deficit. If you would like to assist with that, please click here and put MEMO in the option box there.

The D.O.L.L.S. Project

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MEMO Cuba, a Compassion Ministry of the EFCCM, has landed on a new way to show and share love. D.O.L.L.S. (Dolls Offering Lots of Love) is about sewing groups in Canada getting together to offer their time and ability to create handmade dolls that are given to children who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or who have some other serious disability.

Grace Church Fellowship Hall is hosting a sewing meet-up in Thunder Bay on September 25th, 2010. The day is planned this way:
Morning sewing begins at 9:30am
Lunch (soup and sandwiches) is served at 11:30am
Afternoon Sewing is from 1:30 to 3:30pm

You can be involved even if you can’t sew. You may want to sponsor a D.O.L.L. for $20 (the estimated cost of handling and shipping these bundles of love to Cuba).

The DOLLS project isn’t only about giving a tangible symbol of love to one child at a time. It’s also a connection point with families. From the relationships created, families catch a glimpse of the people in Canada that care, and pray for, those who are hurting many miles away.

To get involved, contact Grace EFC directly: