PulseTV — Medicare in China

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We’re privileged to have Gary as the guest for this episode of PulseTV. He’s serves with Medicare Resources Limited.

You can watch it online in the clip above, or you can download it from the following links:
PulseTV_Episode011.wmv — 26MB (for Windows PCs)
PulseTV_Episode011.mv4 — 43MB (for Macs)

Stay tuned for the next episode when we connect with Steve, Latin America Area Director.

Report From Compass Direct


Recently I’ve read so many sentences like the following: “As the world turns its attention to China this year with the coming Summer Olympics, there are growing reports of human rights issues within the country.” There are many reasons for hope for China, and yet there are persistent blots in the periphery.

Compass Direct has an article outlining some of the most recent problems. As stated there, these aren’t the sum total of issues, as many of the cases will never be disclosed. Pray for wisdom and peace to prevail in China. Pray for the strength and unity of the church. Pray for growing freedom to be exercised in the country. It is my hope that the world’s attention would be a positive thing for the Chinese population, and that benefits would be felt in unanticipated ways.

East Asia Update


I’m Craig, the EFCCM’s Mobilization Director. This is my first post to the EFCCM blog (and fasten your seatbelts – it’s a pretty long one! –ed.). It is about a place where we need to keep a low profile, so I’m not going to name the country, but you can probably guess. There are over 1.5 billion people in East Asian countries, and here we concentrate on the largest of these. It uses one third of the world’s steel within an economy that is growing at 8% per year. In this first visit, we went to five cities, did seven flights, in total travelling 16,000 miles. Some impressions? New buildings rocket upward, in both large and small cities. Taxi drivers use horns instead of brakes. Foreigners (like us) are quite obvious. The food has some interesting diversity, great flavour, colour and texture, and teas offer an amazing range of taste. A local banquet gives great opportunity to try unique foods, have extended conversations and even receive special gifts as honoured guests.

Muslim groups in the country, though they are least-reached, have tremendous potential for hearing and receiving the gospel. We met students from both the Uyghur (weegurr) and the Hui (whay) ethnic groups. Some have become believers. Some are “on the way.” One Muslim student is reading the Bible and beginning to ask what happens when she reaches the end and realizes she believes? What will this mean and how will family and friends react? One young believer is telling his peers about his decision to follow Jesus. Some have responded with indifference, others telling him not to waste his time. As with the arid places we visited, some hearts are dry.

However, the seed is being planted by God’s people in East Asia. Pray for the hearts to become softened to receive the King of Kings.

Could Asia be the Beginning of Your Journey? There are several opportunities to get involved here. For example:

Uyghur Language Internship — Attending language classes in a university’s Uyghur Culture Department will enable you to build significant relationships with students, teachers and others.

Teach Conversational English in Japan as a way to build relationships in English Outreach. September ’07 – June ’08. Deadline is June 15th! Pray for the next people (2 single women or couple) to partner with Japanese churches to reach their communities through English teaching. It’s a paid position — contact us for further details.

12 month Internship is being offered in Thailand (September 07), and there are shorter-term English teaching opportunities.

To find out more about these, and other opportunities, click here.