A Gift From Outside

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One of the earmarks of the EFCCM is our willingness to partner with other organisations. In Ecuador, Ross has been working with Pastor Antonio who is regularly connecting with three church families spread over a considerable distance. He now has a brand-new motorcycle to help! Generously donated by the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) and Missionary Ventures, it will enable Pastor Antonio to visit with more people in a timely way.

Ross says this:

“He serves as the pastor of three churches in the Guamote area of Chimborazo Ecuador. Often Antonio tries to get a ride in the back of a pick up truck or walks up to 3 hours to visit remote Quichua churches in his area. What a joy to see this project come along side one of our end goals: to equip national pastors to share the gospel and strengthen local churches.”

Update from Ecuador

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This update just came in from Ross and Mary in Ecuador:

Take your seat and hang on…. God is moving in Big ways!

After 6 years of prayer, research and planning, the Discipleship Training Center (A center for Biblical training, counseling, and spiritual formation) is ready to become a reality! Below is a ministry site we are in the beginning stages of pursing.

  • The property is about ½ an acre (2400 sq. meters).
  • Main house (back center): to be a missionary residence and guesthouse for groups from North America.
  • Red outbuilding (left): the counseling center or housing for interns.
  • Large white building (right column) To be the Bible Training Center, pastoral library and computer lab.

Located within walking distance of the main Quichua market in Riobamba, and more importantly the indigenous bus line that provides easy access from hundreds of Quichua communities in the Chimborazo province! An ideal location for pastors and leaders to come to study, receive Biblical counseling and grow in Christ.

Join us in these first steps! The owner is an evangelical Christian who is praying and fasting that her property will be able to be used for our ministry! She is willing to rent us the property at our current housing budget, while we are raising funds, if we can show serious intent to buy. She has asked us to take a pulse on our supporting churches, families, and individuals by asking for pledges which will give an idea on the initial response to the project.

The final go ahead will come after the property is evaluated by an American builder, who now directs a Christian ministry in Ecuador and the response to the pledge drive. Our friend will give us feedback on the value and condition of the property. Due to economic conditions in the country the owner has lowered the cost of the property a considerable amount under its appraised value. For more information or specific questions on the property and our vision for the training center, contact us at information at the end of this letter and look to future updates.

Consider a one time gift that will impact pastors and leaders… who will impact their churches… who will impact thousands!

  • Pledge now, give later! Our immediate goal is to get an initial reading on the response to this project so we can let the owner know if we have the support to move forward. Consider making a “meter pledge” a pledge for the value of one meter, or $140.00 (or for whatever God lays on your heart!)
  • Consider a loan we can pay back over a period of time with our housing allowance after the purchase is made.
  • Help us find new donors, share the vision with others over coffee, small groups and with your pastor or missions committee chairman. Provide us with the contact information of people and friends you think might be interested with whom we can share this vision.
  • Introduce us to foundations you may now who share a vision for helping establish ministry centers.

Esperanza Viva (Living Hope)

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Ross and Mary in Ecuador passed along this little update that concerns their teenage daughter. For the last number of years she’s had a heart for the children in Ecuador, and has been involved in raising money to buy and donate Bibles to them. Others are catching this vision too! Recently money was raised by children in a US 5th grade class through a bake sale. The relationship between that class and the Quichua children they are helping has been fostered by sharing pictures of the Ecuadorian children with their new Bibles.

What an amazing insight into how God’s love works even in those so young! May the Lord bless the relationships that have been started in this.