Teaching Overseas

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Do you enjoy teaching? Interested in going overseas?

There is an increasing demand for teachers & staff for international schools. We know of two that need help! Black Forest Academy in Germany is looking for faculty, cooks, residence assistants, and dorm parents. And, Grace International School in Thailand needs Math, Science, and Music teachers for elementary, middle, and high school. If you’d like to find out more, visit our website.

Youth Missions

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Every summer, for many years now, the EFCCM has sent a Youth Team to minister in Hermosillo, Mexico. It’s been an incredible way for the youth in our Free churches to experience life cross-culturally, “live and in person”. It’s also been a great way to give help to the long-term missionaries on the field for projects like construction and children’s ministry.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel the trip for this summer. But, never fear, youth-focused short-term trips are something that the EFCCM Mobilization Department is hoping to do more of. If you are a youth, or know any youth that would be interested in experiencing missions first-hand, email lisab@efccm.org to be added to our mailing list. A short-term mission trip could be the beginning of a beautiful career for you!

Peter Philpott Memorial Fund

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Responses having been steadily coming in for Peter’s Philpott’s memorial fund, called the St. Petersburg Resource Fund. A warm thank you to those who have given so generously. This money will be used to encourage and develop further ministry in Russia to continue Peter’s legacy there. If you would like to make a contribution to that fund, you can donate online here (please include account number 2-4375). Or you can contact us if you’d like to contribute in some other way.

As summer approaches, please remember to keep the Russia Summer Institute team in your prayers. This will be the first time in many years that Peter will not be a part of it, and he will be missed.

Setback in Japan

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This update comes from Dale and Ann in Japan. This concerns their ESL teaching efforts in the country.

“The Tomioka community center shut down our classes in February 2007. We had made it clear in all our advertisements that we were connected with a Christian church and that we therefore have a ten minute Bible time at the end of each ninety minute class. The community centre knew about this from the time we began our classes and for almost two years had no problem giving us permission to use the facility. However, the reason given for denying use of the facility in February 2007 was that we were engaging in religious activities. Until we find a facility to use, Ann and Michiko Matsumura (pastor’s wife of Kodama church) hope to have monthly reunions with the English class ladies.”

It raises questions about why this happened at this point in time, and where they will proceed from here. We are hoping that relationships continue strongly, and that the program will resume very soon. This is such an effective way to share in Japan, as it breaks down barriers and addresses a pressing need in the country. Could you join us in praying for wisdom and provision?

A Challenging Thought

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As a communications person, I wonder about all the influences that are exerted on us nowadays. My responsibility is to generate your awareness, excitement and (hopefully) involvement in missions somehow. But there are people like me (often entire departments of them) that are competing with me to try and get you to think about something else. A vehicle. A brand of cola. Your hair colour.

Are you even aware of how many influences there are, and where the come from? There’s no way I can keep track of how many ads I’m exposed to over the course of a day. Billboards. TV spots. Product Placements. While I tune most of them out, they certainly have some kind of accumulative effect. But I gotta ask, Where is the Church in all of this? Or, let’s take it to a personal level:

How much time do you spend thinking about what you can do? Or about your life-purpose? Do you allow yourself to dream, plan and act? If not, I encourage you to start. If you do, feel free to involve us at any stage of the process. Let’s work together to ensure that Christ’s influence is felt in the world in amongst all the other competing voices.