This July we will host the 20th Summer English Institute in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The adult teaching team is coming together but there is always room for another qualified person to join.

We have been hoping and praying to have one or two companion programs alongside the regular adult institute. These two additional programs are:
1. a youth institute, which we have done before
2. an adult beginner’s English class, which we have never done before.
But unfortunately as of today we don’t have enough qualified personnel for these two extra programs.

What do we need?
We have a team leader for the youth institute but we lack a minimum of 2 additional teachers to teach either English or Bible stories and a games/craft leader plus some helpers. For the adult beginner’s English class we have one interested ESL person but we need a minimum of one more ESL trained teacher plus 2 helpers.

For any further inquiries, please contact us!


Our missionaries Kurt and Akane who run an English school in Nagoya, Japan are seeking someone to join them in ministry for at least one year starting September 2010. Applications must be processed immediately as it take some time to acquire the proper visas and to be accepted both as a missionary with the EFCCM and employee with the school. Please pray that this need will be met. Help us by spreading the word in your churches and among students and others who may be interested in this opportunity.

If you are personally interested in this opportunity, please let us know.

We’re highlighting this in our blog because it’s especially pressing, and we need to find someone quickly. But there are lots of opportunities not posted here. If you’d like to see them, please click here.


This update comes from Dale and Ann in Japan. This concerns their ESL teaching efforts in the country.

“The Tomioka community center shut down our classes in February 2007. We had made it clear in all our advertisements that we were connected with a Christian church and that we therefore have a ten minute Bible time at the end of each ninety minute class. The community centre knew about this from the time we began our classes and for almost two years had no problem giving us permission to use the facility. However, the reason given for denying use of the facility in February 2007 was that we were engaging in religious activities. Until we find a facility to use, Ann and Michiko Matsumura (pastor’s wife of Kodama church) hope to have monthly reunions with the English class ladies.”

It raises questions about why this happened at this point in time, and where they will proceed from here. We are hoping that relationships continue strongly, and that the program will resume very soon. This is such an effective way to share in Japan, as it breaks down barriers and addresses a pressing need in the country. Could you join us in praying for wisdom and provision?

We celebrate with our Hungary team the end of a successful fall semester!

Their classes were attended by about 40 adults, 5 teens and 10-15 children. A large part of December was spent making preparations for the English Club Christmas Program. They put on a children’s drama and a shadow play the of Christmas story. On December 10th, more than 100 people joined them for the Christmas program, which also included singing a Christmas carol, a devotional and giving out New Testaments and Christian calendars along with lots of treats and games.

Please pray for our team as they take some time off for Christmas, travel to visit family in Ireland, and prepare for the next set of classes.