Here are three opportunities to serve in Eastern Europe with the EFCCM:

1. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (22nd institute)

  • Dates: July 7-25 (3 weeks)
  • Classes: 20 students in each class, 3 times a day, 50 minutes each class
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3200
  • Team leader: Ron McLeod (

2. Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (1st ever institute, we trust)

  • Dates: July 7-18 (2 weeks)
  • Classes: 20 students in each class, 3 times a day, 50 minutes each class
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3000
  • Team leader: to be announced

3. St. Petersburg, Russia (22nd institute)

  • Dates: July 7-25 (3 weeks)
  • Classes: students divided into 3 groups that rotate through 3 50 minute teaching periods each day
  • while teachers teach same lesson to each group.
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3300
  • Team leader: Sharon Funk (

General information for all SEIs:

  • You do not need to be a licensed teacher or ESL trained (but you certainly can be!) But you do need to be able to teach.
  • The deadline for applying will be in April, 2014.
  • Contact Lisa in the EFCCM office (1(877)305-3322 toll free, with any questions, or for application forms.

We hope you start the new year off by considering volunteering to come and help in one of these important summer outreaches!


This update comes from Curtis, serving with the EFCCM in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Again this year, he had an opportunity to lead a hike with 18 kids from the boarding school. This is a pretty intense trek, a total of 140kms on foot through mountains and forest to the southern tip of Crimea on the Black Sea.


The time was very rewarding, as he was able to have more real one-on-one talks with kids from the boarding school than ever before. He was able to share his faith to many. One evening they had roasted chicken kebobs over the fire at our camp. It was a real treat for all!


This time, they were joined by several new youth from an orphanage across town which got absorbed by Boarding School Number 9. Speaking with and befriending them really made the time rewarding, especially when Curtis was able to tell them all about how God has changed his life, and how He works in the world.


Sometimes people cannot comprehend the idea of God, and it was evident in these conversations, too. Please pray that God would use this experience to draw these youth to himself, and that the hikers learned something valuable from the experience and the stories that were shared with them.

Trips like this happen 2-3 times per year, and are always a highlight!



Daryl & Molly have been considering a name for their fledgling church in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Pastor Zhenya has proposed “Moct” which means “The Bridge.” He pointed out that God made a bridge to mankind, Jesus Christ, and we are to be bridges to other people as we share His love and grace and Good News with them.

The Lord provided Daryl & Molly with a great apartment in Krivoy Rog! “As we walked in and saw the ‘big room’ (it was actually a child’s bedroom before) we knew it was the room for the church to meet in! It’s large, bright and has cheerful wallpaper. (OK, lots of flowers and cute little bugs like dragonflies, lady bugs and butterflies!) After a couple of weeks, we were walking through our neighbourhood and commented to each other on how comfortable we felt, how familiar it seemed already.”

Daryl & Molly live a 5 minute walk from Adam & Luba Nikkel, a 15 minute walk from Curtis, the team apartment, and one of the orphanages! It is a 30 minute walk from Pastor Zhenya’s and a mall with a store like WalMart in it. Daryl & Molly are also at the beginning/end of 3 or 4 marshrootka (minibus) routes and there is a “subway” stop within walking distance as well! They couldn’t be in a more central location for their ministries!

Shaun and Söndi moved to a small town west of Budapest called Tapolca, for the purpose of beginning an evangelical church where there is none. They use English classes and camps as a means to reach the community.   “We hadn’t been able to find accomodation for Ron and Lynn Gamache who were arriving on a short-term mission to lead weekly Bible Studies,” Söndi recalled. Ron and Lynn would assist in helping connect students to English clubs. Two days before their arrival God provided a beautiful apartment for rent!

“When the owner heard we were going to hold English clubs, she asked us if we wanted to see the empty pub in front of the house on the street front. We checked it out, painted inside and used this area and the apartment to hold English clubs each week! God blessed us with a wonderful answer to prayer”.


We were blessed to have Ron and Lynn here for three months holding two small English Bible studies each week.  They did a fantastic job connecting students and helping the English club grow. In the fall semester 35 kids, 12 teens and 30+ adults were enrolled in the clubs.

There are five students coming with different levels of openness. One of the students attending enjoys the English but tells us the Bible is a book of fairy tales. We’re praying for all of them and we’re very happy they are open to reading and talking about God’s Word.

You can read about the Gamache’s time here and see pictures on their blog:


With the help of some members from Kelenfold EFC, we were able to host an Advent wreath craft time on December 1st.  We held it at the Hegyesd village hall. We invited people from the village and also from the English clubs. We were pleased to have 50 + come make wreaths and to hear the Christmas message. On Dec. 13th, we had quite a few students come for the English Club Christmas party. They enjoyed the program and we shared about the amazing events of Christ’s birth and the hope He brings.

We’re very thankful to have Hannah Lawson, a university student from St. Peters, MI coming to help us with English clubs from January 10 – 25th.  We also thank God for leading David and Virginia Fairbrother from Vernon, BC to serve in Tapolca with the clubs from February 1 to March 15th.

We praise the Lord for two youth teams coming to serve in the Kids and Teen English Camps in July. Please pray for Pastor Daron from Salmon Arm and for Pastor Kevin from White Rock as they form and prepare their teams.

Short-term needs in Tapolca for 2013

We have need of an individual or a couple who’d be able to come teach in the Tapolca English clubs from March 16 – April 30, 2013. We’re also looking for short-termers who’d be able to help with the English clubs in the 2013-14 school year starting from mid September. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a short-term ministry opportunity like this, please let us know and we’ll be happy to send more information.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord for the growing number of English students we have contact with. Pray for the Lord to be at work in hearts of the students.
  • Praise the Lord for those coming to serve short-term in Tapolca this year. Pray that the Lord will lead others to join us in the work short-term and longer term.
  • Pray for the small number of believers in the Tapolca area that we are meeting with. Pray that God will make us a bright light! Thank you for praying!

with Christ’s love, Shaun, Söndi, and family.


If you would like to support Shaun and Söndi, you can use our donation page, and add in their account code:

You can also get in touch with them directly by using their e-mail address:

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