Major Earthquake in Haiti (3rd Update)

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(pic from EFCA’s Crisis Response blog)

**3rd Update: the EFCA, our American sister denomination, has deployed its Crisis Response team to Haiti. Their reports can be seen by clicking here — especially gripping in the light of yesterday’s powerful aftershock.

**2nd Update: Doon and Kelly’s blog has been updated with a recent e-mail to their daughter. You can see it by clicking here.**

**Update: We have received word through sources that have seen Doon and Kelly today. They are fine! That’s a big relief. Hopefully communication can be restored soon, and we’ll have something directly from them to post here. Please continue to pray for them, and the whole country.**

On Tuesday January 12th, a severe earthquake rocked the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It caused extensive damage and a breakdown of infrastructure systems throughout the city. At this point we have not had communication with our missionaries Doon and Kelly, though they are in an area that is not reported to have damage.

The EFCCM does not have the mechanisms in place nor are we located to initiate a crisis response to this situation. If your desire is to contribute to the immediate situation in Port-au-Prince we would suggest that you contribute to Samaritan’s Purse or World Relief Canada.

Pray for safety and quick restoration of communications for Doon, Kelly and their family. Pray for Karis their daughter who is Canada, and is eager to hear word from her parents. Pray too for the Haitian people that have been directly affected by this. There are many casualties, thousands injured and unknown numbers trapped in rubble. Pray that God would bring peace and provision to the masses who need it.

We will continue to update our blog as information becomes available.

Off on the Road to Haiti

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Excuse my oblique Bob Hope/Bing Crosby “road movie” reference above. That’s reaching way, way back. But it kind of applies. Because most places where Bob and Bing ended up on their various adventures, you couldn’t actually drive to either. :-)

Doon and Kelly are approaching their departure date. They will be leaving Erskine, Alberta next month on a road trip to Florida. There they will be attending a school devoted to tropical agriculture and community development. And in September they will be travelling to Haiti.

Here’s a quote from their latest newsletter, under the heading “Needed: Cliff Divers”:

Will our old van survive the trip? We have no idea. Where will we live in Haiti? We don’t know yet. There are many more similar questions for which we have only limited answers, and sometimes just guesses and hopes. And yes, at times, the UNKNOWN looms pretty large. But even bigger is our God who loves us—He is a faithful safety net on whom we can always depend. And although we struggle at times with doubts, we do know that He has it all covered. Our job is just to take a deep breath…and JUMP!! Please pray that we will not falter or fear.