Home Office Sunday 2014

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Home Office Sunday is an invitation to reflect on the role Home Office plays within the EFCC family, and to support us with prayer and finances. In broad strokes, the EFCC Home Office exists to help pastors, missionaries and churches carry out life-changing gospel ministry.

We are encouraging our churches to promote Home Office Sunday during their Sunday morning services.

Officially, we’ve chosen April 6th.

However if a different date would work better in your context, please free to implement it as you see fit.

Click on the image below to download a bulletin insert that will help explain this to your congregation (~3MB pdf).


Below is a promotional clip. If you click through to Vimeo, you can download a copy of this clip for use in a church service, or other venue of your choosing.

On a personal note, all of us at Home Office are incredibly grateful for your sustained generosity that enables us to each live into our calling, our gifting and to be a part of this amazing team together!

(The abstract photo used in this campaign is from SplitShire, a source of free, high-quality photographs. The music in the video is by Chris Zabriskie, available on FMA.)

Home Office Sunday Announcement and Materials

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We invite you to join us celebrating Home Office Sunday!

This year, we are focusing on the EFCC’s efforts to plant churches.

We have a bulletin insert that gives some information — you may download that here:

Below is a short (5min) video that highlights  leaders from a few church planters in Canada, and internationally, too. (You can also download a copy for yourself by looking for the download button here: https://vimeo.com/63409584)

If you would like to order these physical copies of these materials for your congregation (paper and a DVD), contact us, and we will send them to you at no charge!

Also, please feel free to include the links to promote them in your e-bulletin or on your website or Facebook (etc.).

Our fiscal year-end is at the end of this month (April). We are hoping that a few donors are willing to partner with us so enable us to finish the year off strong, and to help us continue to resource church planting in Canada and around the world.

Thanks to Daryl, Jason, Chris and Warren for appearing in this video, and sharing just a bit of what makes them tick. Thanks also to Conrad, who we tried to include, but were prevented by technical gremlins.

Thanks to all who a part of what God is doing in and through the EFCC!

We Are Now a CCCC-Certified Member

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that this post’s title looks like we stuttered. CCCC (sometimes referred to as the 4C’s) stands for the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. They help charities (including churches) to develop strong financial practices. And as laws change, especially concerning taxes, CCCC ensures that churches and para-church organisations are informed of the changes, and what they mean.

We are pleased to announce that the EFCC has complied with the rigourous standards of certification, which allows us to use their Seal of Accountability.

This is how CCCC defines it:

“The Seal of Accountability indicates that a charity adheres to high standards, is operating with integrity and is certified by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).”

You will start to see this seal appearing on a lot of our materials. We’re proud of our capable finance team, headed by Cathy (Manager of Finance), for achieving this for us. This offers you confidence that donations to and through the EFCC and EFCCM are handled with the greatest responsibility, and that as an organisation, we are complying with all of our legal responsibilities.

The 4C’s is also available to help with your church (if you’re reading from within Canada, that is). They have a bunch of resources on their website which you can visit by clicking here, and you can follow the CEO’s insightful blog by clicking here.

Home Office Toonie Sunday

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Home Office Toonie Sunday is our annual request for support for what we do, and how we do it. Everything we do at Home Office is to nurture ministry environments across Canada and around the world. In case you’re not aware, Home Office provides an extensive list of services for the EFCC movement:

  • financial coordination and administration
  • event coordination (esp. EFCC Conference)
  • missionary orientation
  • missions project coordination
  • assistance with short-term missions planning
  • reporting and story-telling
  • connecting with leaders, pastors and churches
  • and lots, lots more

This year, we are especially highlighting our new Catalysts who have specific roles within our movement, including Prayer, Church Planting and Leadership Development.

We are grateful for the financial support that we receive from you, our EFCC family. Specifically we are asking for one toonie ($2) per attender which will enable us to finish this year well, and start the next with confidence!

We would greatly appreciate any churches that collect this either as a second offering, or a piggy-bank in the foyer, or any other creative means, and then send the money in as a cheque to Home Office.

Thanks for helping us as we serve you!

The IMT Begins a Wider Dialogue

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The International Mission Team (formerly EFCCM Board) has taken on the task of personally connecting with our churches throughout Canada. The key is that they want the whole denomination to think about how we can ‘do missions better’.

This level of discussion will show up at our district conferences this fall, and will hopefully get some ‘airtime’ at next year’s EFCC Conference as well.

My prayer is that just having these conversations will inspire fresh energy for the EFCCM, and will help to fine-tune how we connect with our constituency going forward. I believe it can!