This is a re-post from Lane and Sheri’s blog.


Last night was another amazing night. We showed the Jesus Film! There were more people watching the movie at the vineyard than I can ever remember! There were well over 200 people there! It truly was a privilege to share with them after they watched the movie. The movie gave a clear presentation of the gospel message, the fact that Jesus died for our sins and wants us to know Him, to have a relationship with Him each day.

I then spoke for a while. I shared a few thoughts and shared about how Christ has changed my life. The people were so attentive to what I was saying! The gravity of the situation and the opportunity before me weighed on me. Not as a burden but as a big opportunity that not too many people get even once in their lives. I just realized the amazing opportunity that was presenting itself before me and prayed for the words to say.

We continue to go back once a week to the 2 different Vineyards that we have access to. The people come and listen, are attentive and do respond. We need more workers to come, there is so much more we could do with some more hands!

Pray for the Lord to send me workers into His harvest!

The picture below is of the group of people who gathered after I had finished speaking. They always listen to me on the microphone talking to the large group, then when I dismiss them, some come forward and gather around me and expect me to keep sharing. They just stand there and wait for me to say something. So I just keep going! Notice me at the rear of the picture with the hat on?


Update from Mexico

In a post from Mexico called Fruit is Coming!, Lane and Sheri are excited to share the next steps of a youth outreach ministry.

“My vision in this ministry was (and still is) to pour into the more mature youth in our church and train them to lead this ministry, which they are now doing.  Those first months after we started, really that first year, had its share of bumps along the road.  The youth who were running it weren’t very faithful in showing up and taking much leadership and the kids who came from the shanty town absolutely bounced off the walls!  Well times have changed!”

Update from Japan

Japan is still in recovery mode from the devastating tsunami ~1.5 yrs ago. Dale and Ann have been exploring a variety of community-generating ideas, and they landed on sewing sandbags for seaweed growers. Seaweed is an important part of the Japanese diet, and the sandbags are a crucial component of . These sandbags weigh down the ropes embedded with seaweed seeds, which keeps them stable in the ocean water in the growing months.

The manufacturers of these sandbags have not been able be nearly keep up with demand. So Dale and Ann’s group of sewers has added to what’s available — enough that the growers can at least look forward to a nominally better crop next spring. Read more about this project, and the future dreams of what it could lead to, by clicking here.

This is a great little video update from Lane and Sheri who have started a new work amongst migrant workers from southern Mexico.

Click here to see in on their blog.

They are raising money for Bibles to give to these workers, at a cost of $5 each. If you would like to give the gift of the holy Scriptures, you can use our donation page, and input code 2-2102.

This update is excerpted from Reg and Linda’s latest prayer letter.

Last night the church missions group arrived at Hacienda de los Arboles for a 10-day orientation. This is the group of young people that will be visiting Buffalo Narrows in Canada, and India this summer. When their leader, Alejandro, saw the place he said, “This is perfect.” He wanted the team to adapt to living in less-than-ideal conditions.

So, Reg and I hosted this group one night, and we can tell you it has been a joy to see them, and hear them also — all night in fact! They sang and played all night by the campfire, we are not sure anyone slept, including us.

They had planned to sleep in the main building, but the girls were unsettled by the excrement on the floor. “Is it rat droppings?” Not rat, bat. “Will they bite us?” Only if you’ve been watching too many Dracula movies. Reg’s last-minute preparations, included hooking up the propane for the stove, and the electrical connections for the inside lights.

They began their orientation by studying the Pentateuch. Not long after Reg and I went to bed, the campfire was built, and we heard the fun starting. It went from singing choruses, to fireworks, to, much later, hammering on something!

2:00am — The fire is glowing and there are wannabe missionaries out there.

6:00am — Reggie, with his classic dry humor, “They are going to smell great after the whole night around that fire. How long will it be until they ask about having a shower?”

7:00am — I asked if staying awake all night was part of the orientation, maybe to reach the nocturnal people in India. They played along for a while before they admitted that, no, this was just for fun. Amazingly, Alejandro kept up with them the whole night, in good spirits. “Ahh, they’ll be tired out in a couple a days and they’ll all be in bed by ten.”

8:00am — Alejandro led the morning exercises, starting with warm-up stretches and then a long jog.

9:00am — Alejandro asked about showers, and Red told him they wouldn’t be available for two more days. Two young men found an old tub, and for the next couple there was a continual parade of youth, going to the cistern, drawing up a bucket of cold water, and heading for the bathtub. Brrrrrrh. Ahh sweet youth!

12:00pm — they started “paying” for their free boot camp; 12 young energetic bodies (after a night without sleep? You gotta be kidding!) mixed gravel and sand into cement right there on the ground.

3:00pm — after some hours in teaching sessions, they began a team-building exercise, and then a game of American football on the street.

Add another teaching session on the Pentateuch, the arrival of some of the church worship team, to join Abram in worship.

10:30pm — everything is quiet. Ahh, sweet youth!

A great day! A privilege to be here investing!

Above: this is the plan for what the Hacienda Los Arboles property will look like when completed.

This is a video of a team at work in Mexico. There isn’t any narration — it’s just ministry and relationships in action. And a rockin’ soundtrack. :-)