Laughing, Crying & Praising God!

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Wally and Esther work with the EFCCM in Nicaragua as Directors of “La Semilla” (The Seed) Ministry focusing on cultivating relationships, strengthening family relationships and finding ways for the poor to become self-sustainable.


Recently, Wally embarked on a water project in Mojika, a small community down the road. On paper the plan seemed quite simple, however the work proved to be far more complex in reality. The first 2 weeks of November the mission team from Taber worked tirelessly to complete this water project. This community has a 90 year old 550 foot deep well in which they brought up water by the half barrel with oxen or horse. During the extended drought season this created a mountain of dust and animal feces (traces of it ending up in the water) not to mention the hours of labor it involved to get their daily water.

men at rest

The project involved putting down 550 feet of pipe with a submersible pump and electrical to hook up to a generator (this community has no electricity). As well as building a water tower to hold the water from which it’s gravity fed.

well in process

We can honestly say, the response we saw in the people’s faces when the water finally freely flowed in their community, has been one of the most rewarding experiences we have had here in Nicaragua. They were laughing, crying, praising God and pouring water over themselves and each other, reminded us of a community baptism!

brianandeveleenWe are excited about great news coming our way! Brian and Eveleen along with their 2 children from Coaldale, Alberta are coming to join us here in Nicaragua.

We’re excited that our team is growing and praying for more opportunity to be effective!

We continue to be thankful to be salt and light here in Nicaragua.

Wishing you God’s blessings for 2013,
Wall and Esther.

If you would like to contribute directly to Wally and Esther to support their work in Nicaragua, you can use our donation page, and just ensure that you put in the their account code:

Also you can get in touch with them directly by using the following e-mail address:


Planting the Seed in Nicaragua

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We love to present stories from the actual work being accomplished through the EFCCM’s World of Hope. This update is from Wally and Esther in Nicaragua. They are providing practical assistance in the area of agriculture, and one of their recent improvements is a seeder. The following is in their words:

“A good example of how this ministry continually gets blessed by others: A few weeks ago we had a father son team here from Lethbridge. Among other things, they helped design and put together a seeder that can be used behind a quad, oxen or horse, already it has been hugely beneficial for this planting season. This is an example of how we would like to see this ministry grow in helping the small farmer, a definite improvement from seeding their acres BY HAND.”

“The new seeder gets it’s first trial run, planting Andres’ bean crop, working great!

“At last we’ve been able to find improved, certified bean and corn seed and thanks to the donations from the seed program, we’ve been able to make these available to small farmers.”

Please join us in praying for Wally and Esther, that God would bless their work, and that he would continue to use them to sow the seed of Jesus’ life and truth in people’s hearts.

If you would like to specifically support this project, you can do so on our donation page — please list project code 2-2885AX.

Nicaragua Team Returns Home

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Our EFCCM missionaries, Wally & Esther (along with their four children) are running “La Semilla (The Seed) Ministries” in Diriamba, Nicaragua. Their desire in this primarily agricultural ministry, is to cultivate relationships, strengthen family relationships and find ways for the poor to become self-sustainable. They recently wrote this in one of their prayer letters:

“The Sunday afternoon Bible study at the Sequieras is growing! Nicolas (a pastor at heart) loves preaching and ministering to his community people.

More people are continually coming and space is getting cramped in their small kitchen. Since a number of the new people now coming out are illiterate, he will give messages Wednesday night (as they can’t follow along in their workbooks). And then we’ll continue with a Marriage CD study with workbooks Sunday afternoons. Meanwhile, Esther has been doing a Sunday School class with 10 plus kids in the windy outdoors – much opportunity here! We are praying for a few people who would be willing to come help build a roof shelter for these gatherings, as well as a walled in section for the Sunday School class. The eagerness of this rural community is exciting and we pray for God’s gracious guidance.”

Thankfully a team came together and was able to spend 12 days this month working alongside the Wiebes and local pastor Nicolas and his family. This growing church body now has a tin roof structure under which they can worship and fellowship amidst unpredictable weather, as well as a Sunday School classroom for the children in the community. It was indeed a privilege for the team to be a part of the larger body of Christ – working together in weakness and strength. As it says in 1 Corinthians 1:31: “Let the one that boasts boast in the Lord.”

Wally & Esther would love others to join their “La Semilla” ministry team!

If you have a heart for discipleship, experience with music, and know (or are willing to learn) Spanish, contact our office today to apply!

Invitation to Nicaragua (Back to Top)

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Make Your Summer Count!

Interested in using your gifts in Nicaragua this summer? Would you like to research future involvement for your church? An EFCCM team is headed there for two weeks in July to assist missionaries Wally & Esther Wiebe and their growing ministry “La Semilla”. This outreach uses agriculture to cultivate relationships, strengthen family bonds & help the poor become self-sustainable.

The EFCCM is looking for 4-5 people with willing hearts and flexible spirits to help plant trees, paint, cut hair, lead mini VBS, or just about anything else. If you have a desire to serve, a skill to share and time to spare, apply now! The departure date is rapidly approaching — if you’d like to be involved, please contact

It Could Have Been So Much Worse

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An out-of-control fire is very scary! Wally and Esther serve in Nicaragua sent us these pictures, and the accompanying story.

“I was burning household garbage in the barrel and I left it unattended for about 15min, a piece must have fallen out and landed on the the irrigation tubing. The fire shot up rapidly with huge, fierce, intense flames and thick black smoke. The fire was so hot we could hardly get close enough to throw the buckets of water on. Only by God’s hand did we get the fire under control as fast as we did. The whole family rushed out to help, everyone that could find an available tap ran with buckets, two people with garden hoses and everyone was instructed to pray! My worker noticed the black smoke and came running, yelling in panic.

“We are so thankful no one got hurt and the damage was limited, it could have gotten much worse very fast. We are also very thankful for our great neighbours, they were out there immediately, ready to help. We’re also glad we got the4x4 out in the nick of time.”

The items that we either burnt or fire-damaged are:

  • Irrigation system recently purchased from a neighbour — $320.00
  • Three bicycles — $220.00
  • A cement mixer — $2150.00
  • Damage to the vehicle — approx $200.00

If you would like assist replacing or repairing some of this essential equipment, you can donate online. Please use account code 2-2885. Thanks for your concern!