“So What’s This Grammy-Hysterical-Whatchacallit About?”

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Well, first off we should explain that we’re talking about grammatical-historical hermeneutics. Steve Wheeler is with the EFCA’s ReachGlobal, serving the broader Evangelical Free Church  in Quebec. He recently published a book called Fish the Bible, a concise and very helpful guide to hermeneutics.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Like catching fish from oceans and lakes, catching the author’s meaning from the pages of Scripture is something we can learn. Once we learn, we can find nourishment for life! How can we increase our understanding, decrease our bias, and apply what we learn to daily life? In only 122 pages, Stephen Wheeler explains ten tools and gives numerous examples of how to use them.

Rooted in common sense, the tools help us understand the Bible, other books, and even the people around us. After 23 years as a church planter, teacher, and coach in Montreal, Wheeler offers this book to equip ordinary people to grasp the Scriptures for themselves. The Bible is the most circulated, most translated book in the world. It speaks to the challenges of daily life and to the hereafter. If we are open to learning from the bestseller of all time, it only makes sense to do all we can to understand and apply its contents correctly.

Paperback and Kindle editions are available at Amazon.

See also www.fishthebible.org.

“Fish the Bible is unique. It takes a complex subject and makes it user-friendly. Fun even! But at the same time it is thoroughly trustworthy scholarship. Another unique feature: it will be of benefit to the seasoned Bible student and the new believer alike, and—surprise—to the unbeliever as well.” — Robertson McQuilkin, president emeritus of Columbia International University and author of Understanding and Applying the Bible.

“We desperately need good Bible study material that both encourages and enables church Bible study groups and the average Christians to engage in serious Bible study. Stephen Wheeler’s Fish the Bible does just that. My prayer is that thousands of Christians will, through this book, begin a deep exploration of the wonderful, life-changing truths of Scripture.” — Grant Osborne, Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and author of The Hermeneutical Spiral.

Why Church Planting is So Important


Charlie, our Church Planting Catalyst, just forwarded this post on, and we’d like to recommend it to you.

“None of our churches should be a cul-de-sac on the Great Commission highway.” — Ed Stetzer

Click through to read the whole piece.

What Are the Driving Purposes of Church Planting?

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Are you depressed about the direction of culture? Maybe it’s time to change your perspective! There are great movements that are turning to God in remarkable ways. Perhaps we all need to spend more time examining what God is actually doing in our day, in our communities. The call to get involved has not changed.

In order for us to have a meaningful ministry though, we need to have a clear rationale for doing what we do. This blog post takes a good crack at that:

Five Reasons for Church Planting

When you’re finished reading, come on back and let us know what you think about it!

5 Tips for Communications Strategy

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The concept of formally examining communication within churches is a pretty new phenomenon. Here are some good tips for getting started (and these are for more than just larger churches!).

5 Ways to Execute a Communications Strategy

Taking a look at the way your church communicate is a way of stewarding relationships. If you are interested in taking this conversation further within your congregation, please get in touch with Brad, our Communications Catalyst (bradj@efccm.ca) — he’d love to hear from you!

The First Requirement of Outreach is Humility


The world is tired of hearing from an arrogant church. The world is tired of hearing its weak logic and easy platitudes. The world is tired of being looked down on by the church, or being viewed as a “pet project”.

But the world is eager to hear about our real, true Hope!

If your church is taking an active stance on sharing the for-real Gospel among the needy and hurting in your city (or town, or region), this just seems like solid tips to engage with:

Important Tips for Inner City Ministry

Do you agree? Do you have a story to share about how your church has started to engage its broader community?