Buzz Online 10.06.08

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Welcome to this edition of the BuzzOnline. I was privileged to share a brief conversation with Nathan and Dawn who serve in Lithuania. They have lived there for nearly two years as Professional Associates (missionaries who earn a portion of their living employed in industry on the field).

Join us for a snapshot of what God has been showing them and leading them through.

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BuzZ Online Episode 11! (Updated)

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Thanks for joining us for this episode of the EFCCM’s official podcast. Jumping right in, this episode is taken directly from a session that Randy offered at Missions Fest 2008. Here he talks about the strength and diversity of house churches in North America and around the world, and offers insights into how they start, and how they work best.

The video clip that Randy references in this session can be found by clicking here.

Randy works with the EFCC, and he heads up The Journey, an outreach ministry dedicated to house churches in Canada. If this session has inspired you in some way, and you’d like to respond, please leave a comment below. If you’d like to get involved in church planting in some way, please drop us a line.

Update: Randy generously included his PowerPoint presentation to this podcast. If you’d like to follow the visuals while you’re listening, click here.

BuzZ Online Episode 10!

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Hey, I just broke into the double digits! This is the tenth podcast that I’ve completed for the EFCCM, and this time I was talking to Greg. Greg and Shelli have served in Hermosillo, Mexico for the past 7 years, and we talked about some of their impressions of the country, and new developments they see the Lord at work on there.

Listen for a brief report on their first Mexican missions trip to Canada! That’s a pretty cool reversal, eh?

BuzZ Online Episode 9!


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All the way from Bolivia, Merle joined me for a quick interview at Home Office. We talked about El Candelero (the Candlestick), a coffee house that is unique in its area as an alcohol-free establishment. There is a difference between coffee shop and coffee house — to be quite honest a coffee house sounds a lot more fun!

The coffee house ministry recently gave birth to a church. And plans are in place to spin off another coffee house in a different area of Tarija. Cool things are happening!

BuzZ Online Episode 8!


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Shaun and Söndi (pronounced SHIN-dee) dropped by to talk about the work they’re doing in Budapest, Hungary. They are doing a lot of work with children and youth, especially in an English-teaching context, and it is exciting to hear about the responsiveness they’re seeing.

Please uphold them in prayer as they continue to share the truth with families. There is great spiritual need — many communities have no living church at all — and Shaun and Söndi would like to be used by God to address that.