The Pulse on Creation

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This is the latest Pulse, and the first Pulse of 2011. The main article is a charitable discussion between two different perspectives on creation. And there’s a whole lot more going on in this edition, too.

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PulseTV Episode 8

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In this edition of PulseTV, Bill and Charlie sat down for a short chat. Charlie is the new Church-Planting Catalyst for the EFCC, and it was great to hear him talk about his perspective on the power of church-planting. We’re excited to have him on board, with all of his experience and enthusiasm. I think we will all benefit from it!

Please share this video with your church, your family and friends — anyone you think would be interested!

You can download this clip in the two following formats:
PulseTV Episode 8 for Windows (WMV — ~23MB)
PulseTV Episode 8 for Mac (M4V — ~36MB)

The Latest Chinese Pulse

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Here is the latest version of the Pulse that has been translated into Chinese. This is provided for our large proportion of Chinese brothers and sisters living in Canada, and around the world.

You can click on the graphic above, or this link.

PulseTV Episode 7

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In this edition of PulseTV, Rich and Bill were able to share a few meaningful moments with Cal Hanson. Cal was the first president of Trinity Western University, and is the author of Hardship to Harvest, the first history of the EFCC.

Unfortunately to cram in this entire conversation, we had to stretch it a touch over our (self-imposed) limit of 4 minutes. Hopefully you’ll agree that the conversation is worth it — especially as we’ve changed the format and the set of the show.

If you’d like to download your own copy of this video, you can select your version below (right-click, and select ‘save as…’):
PulseTV Episode 7 (for Windows) — ~30MB
PulseTV Episdoe 7 (for Mac) — ~49MB

The Pulse Has Arrived

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We’re proud to unveil the latest edition of the Pulse, the official publication of the EFCC. Once again we dive into an important debate with input from two gifted writers. In this issue, we address the issue of Ordination of Women — you won’t want to miss that! There is a summary of this past summer’s Conference (Regenerate: Plant. Water. Grow.) in case you weren’t able to attend. And there is plenty more news and views presented in these pages that we believe you will be interested to know.

Clicking on the following link will enable to you read the Pulse, and there is even an option to download a copy for yourself if you’d rather print it out:

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