The Pulse Has Arrived

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We’re proud to unveil the latest edition of the Pulse, the official publication of the EFCC. Once again we dive into an important debate with input from two gifted writers. In this issue, we address the issue of Ordination of Women — you won’t want to miss that! There is a summary of this past summer’s Conference (Regenerate: Plant. Water. Grow.) in case you weren’t able to attend. And there is plenty more news and views presented in these pages that we believe you will be interested to know.

Clicking on the following link will enable to you read the Pulse, and there is even an option to download a copy for yourself if you’d rather print it out:

Please share this page with anyone and everyone that you think would be interested. And after you’ve read it, we invite your own comments below.

The 2nd Chinese Pulse

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This is to include the Chinese brothers and sisters in our congregations here and around the world in the news and celebrations of what God is doing in and through the EFCC. Please share it broadly with anyone you think would be interested (and who can read Chinese)!

PulseTV The Website Edition

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While it may seem redundant to have a video about the website on the website, there is a good reason for it. There are a number of features that are built into this site, and we want you to know about them. As per usual, we’re offering the clips for downloading so that you can show them in your own churches, and get other people to follow the stories on their own. And hopefully make their own contributions to what’s developing here as well!

Downloadable video files (simply right-click and select ‘save as…’):

PulseTV_Episode006.mp4 (~21MB, 2m52s)

PulseTV_Episode006.wmv (~18MB, 2M52s)

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Time to Check Your Pulse!

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We’re pleased to announce the latest Pulse has been posted to the website.

Click here to see the online version. (You can also download your own copy from that link.)

I’m particularly proud of the cover — I think it connects perfectly with our theme and our treatment of it. But I hope you see the humour in it, and aren’t inspired to literally duke it out with those of a different opinion. That would be somewhat awkward…

There’s lots of good content to peruse in this edition. In here we address the different perspectives that inform the debate between Emergent vs Resurgent perspectives. That’s pretty hot-button stuff right now.

We are grateful to Ian and Marvin who took up the challenge of writing this piece. We hope you will enjoy their well-reasoned perspectives, and their back and forth. We are curious to hear your response to this. After you read the Pulse, please return to this post: Comments are open below!

The Pulse, Now in Chinese

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We are pleased to introduce our first translated copy of the Pulse. This is to include the Chinese brothers and sisters in our Chinese congregations here and around the world in the news and celebrations of what God is doing in and through the EFCC.

This is an even greater commitment to a document that takes a lot of work to produce. You can honour that investment of time and energy by helping us share this link as broadly as possible to the people who’d like to read it:

See the Chinese edition of the Pulse.