Here is an update from John and Neta, who have many years of experience in radio ministry:

For us the year of 2013 has been a year of many blessings, where God has again proven Himself sufficient for all our needs. It has been a real blessing to see how God is increasingly using the Low German programs, such as Through the Bible Program, Women of Hope, The Bible plus a number of others, in many different ways.

First of all, of course, we have them on our online server, where they can be downloaded to be aired on radio. However, we also have a link on the server called: Low German Programs for Personal Use or Group Studies, which are available for anyone to download.

With the modern technology people have available for listening to these programs nowadays, we are amazed from how far and wide people are calling us, requesting these programs. We have been blessed to see how the Lord is using this ministry, far beyond just on radio.

Besides the above, I (John) have just finished translating the fourth course of a series of four courses called: Foundations for Living Discipleship Course, from English to Low German. The author of this course is Dick Driedger, director of Foundations For Living Society, which is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. So, with all the above, we are being blessed very richly and have no need to look for more work.

However, over the past several months we have been asked by the RTM Bolivia board to come and help them with the Low German Ministry. At the formal request of RTM to help them build stability and vision for the Low German side of the RTM ministry, after much prayer, seeking God’s will, we feel that the Lord is calling us to take on this position for a short term.

John and Neta arrived in Bolivia last month. We are so grateful for their continued commitment to the work God has called them to.

Much of Bolivia is inaccessible by road, but that doesn’t slow down radio waves at all.

Download video file to your computer (right click or option click to save):
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The EFCCM’s contribution in the next Pulse is about radio ministry in Bolivia. I was just given this story by Jake and Mary. It is one of many, many stories that are emerging through the radio work. This one is about a Mennonite widow.

Jake and Mary met Mrs. Giesbrecht during a colony visit. She seemed very depressed, exhibiting low self esteem, and no ambition. They tried to encourage her but felt she just wanted them to leave. After their visit, they didn’t hear from or see her again for at least six months. One day a lady came into Centro Menno who looked familiar, but very different. Mrs. Giesbrecht was unexpectedly happy and lively! She explained that she was now a Christian. She unfolded her story.

Her son had bought a radio and was listening to Radio Trans Mundial (RTM). She had begged him to sell the radio because it’s forbidden to own one in the colony. He made a deal with his mother. He told her, “If you promise to listen to the radio all day Sunday — just one day – and then still ask me to sell it, I will.” Seeing that that’s what it would take to get rid of it, she agreed. “But,” she shared excitedly, “I accepted the Lord that day and have never been the same since. Now I want to buy my own radio!”

Often people appear deliberately closed to the gospel. But if they’ve been listening to the radio they become curious and eager to hear more. When approaching the people they visit, Jake and Mary regularly start by asking them if they’ve listened to RTM. There is usually a furtive look around before they answer. And they say that they have — maybe even briefly in a taxi on the way in to town. They start asking questions and before you know it, they’re engaged in a spiritual conversation at a level of depth they’ve likely never experienced before.

To me, this is a powerful testimony of how God uses human tools to accomplishes his goals. And we celebrate what is happening in Bolivia through radio ministry — the impact that it’s having is huge! And this potential is developing in several different countries across the world too.

The following is from Jake and Dororthy who are serving in Bolivia:

“February 16th was the Inauguration of the second Radio Trans Mundial Radio Station in Bolivia. Land was purchased June 24, 2005 for the San Julian Radio Station. The contract for building the tower took place on December 7, 2005 and was finished March 2006. Engineers from Montrose Pennsylvania came to help set up the radio. On June 16th 2006 RTM San Julian started broadcasting. It was great having the Saskatchewan team here for this grand opening. Two of them were Jake’s brothers, what a joy and special treat to have them come here.

“The purpose for RTM 105.1 FM is to serve the towns around San Julian and the communities in this eastern rural area. The main audience of RTM are farmers who speak mostly Quechua, some Aymara and also Guaraní. This radio station also reaches many more Mennonite colonies such as the Brechas, Núcleos, San Ramón, San Javier and even further.

“Up to now San Julian has been a repeater station from our Pailon Station. They are now raising money to buy a computer, so that they can start broadcasting from the San Julian Station live. They have $300 on hand. These are very poor people so they are thrilled at the amount they have been able to gather.”

Thanks are due to a huge group of people, including many of the EFCCM team in Bolivia, several people from North America and of course many of the Bolivian participants who made this celebration memorable.

Dave and Patti have returned from Fiji to North America. They have successfully handed over the project they were working on, and trust that it will flourish with the newly-trained ministry staff. There have been many hours upgrading the computer from an old DOS-based system to a much more current one, and that has required extensive training. Do you remember the first time you used a mouse? It’s quite a leap, but it will be far more robust and versatile than the old system.

They will be open to the Lord’s leading when they return, and that may see them returning to Mexico to offer further assistance to radio efforts there.