3 Summer English Institute Opportunities

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Here are three opportunities to serve in Eastern Europe with the EFCCM:

1. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (22nd institute)

  • Dates: July 7-25 (3 weeks)
  • Classes: 20 students in each class, 3 times a day, 50 minutes each class
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3200
  • Team leader: Ron McLeod (rmcleodx@shaw.ca)

2. Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (1st ever institute, we trust)

  • Dates: July 7-18 (2 weeks)
  • Classes: 20 students in each class, 3 times a day, 50 minutes each class
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3000
  • Team leader: to be announced

3. St. Petersburg, Russia (22nd institute)

  • Dates: July 7-25 (3 weeks)
  • Classes: students divided into 3 groups that rotate through 3 50 minute teaching periods each day
  • while teachers teach same lesson to each group.
  • Subjects: teacher’s choice in consultation with team leader
  • Cost: approximately $3300
  • Team leader: Sharon Funk (sharonfun@gmail.com)

General information for all SEIs:

  • You do not need to be a licensed teacher or ESL trained (but you certainly can be!) But you do need to be able to teach.
  • The deadline for applying will be in April, 2014.
  • Contact Lisa in the EFCCM office (1(877)305-3322 toll free, lisab@efccm.ca) with any questions, or for application forms.

We hope you start the new year off by considering volunteering to come and help in one of these important summer outreaches!

Summer Institute Invitation!

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We’re starting to plan and prepare for the Summer English Institute in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and St Petersburg, Russia!  You do not need to be a professional teacher for these ministries.  You just need to be able to proficiently teach a subject that you know well.  And, we (in Dnepro) would LOVE to be able to also offer a class for beginners (with no measurable English level) as well as a Youth Institute.

But for those dreams to be realised, we need teachers!

If you are interested please contact Clay, Dnepro team leader at: bergen.c@sasktel.net and Daryl for St. Petersburg as soon as possible. (You can also simply contact Home Office, and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.)

News from the Summer Institute

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The EFCCM’s annual Summer Institute is on now. A team of teachers and business professionals have been connecting with people in St. Petersburg, Russia for a number of years running. They do training in some of the latest teaching techniques as well as best case business practices.

The biggest joy is the relationships that have been fostered over the years. These have enabled our team members to introduce their faith to our Russian friends. It’s been amazing the fruit that this ministry has generated in various places, and we are trusting God for more again this year.

Follow their story on the blog they’re keeping by clicking here.

St. Petersburg Team Opp

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The Summer Institute team heading to Russia this summer is looking for someone (a couple would be ideal) to help serve in lunch preparation. This would involve shopping at the market, as well as food preparation.

As this team member, you are also encouraged to engage the Russian students in conversational English to help them practise their new language skills. The team has a strong history in Russia, with education in business and teacher-training being strong points. But the most valuable part of the Summer Institute is the lasting relationships that have been established, and the positive impact that has been made for the cause of Christ.

For more information, please drop us a line, and we’ll put you in touch with the team leaders.

St. Petersburg Summer Institute

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Judy and Gordon returned recently from St. Petersburg, Russia where they headed up this year’s English Summer Institute (SI). This is a short-term program that brings a team of Canadian teachers into Russia to offer unique, specialised training in teaching and business. This year’s SI was very successful: though they had only 23 enrolled back in May, they ended up with over 100 students attending!

A lot of the legwork was done beforehand, such as connecting with former students, handing out flyers to the community and announcing the school at many local teacher events. Building personal relationships is a very important goal for the SI, and we strive to build continuity from year to year. This year, 60% percent of the teachers who came had attended previously, and the rest heard about the courses this spring. There were 3 returning students amongst the business class’s 22 students.

The facilities that Menno discovered last fall are well suited to the continuing program. The director, Konstantin, has the same desire to share the Gospel with the Russian people, and was gracious and helpful to us. We were able to set many things in place for next year.

This year’s team was mature, hardworking and interacted well with each other and with the students. Once again, there were many meetings and outings after class that were just as important, or more so, than class time. The team appreciated having Pastor Jack participate in the singing and sharing time. His daily impersonation of biblical characters who had a crucial encounter with Jesus captivated the students’ interest and allowed him to freely share the Gospel.

There was a definite Christian presence on the campus this year. A big thank you go to Tanya and her late husband Peter who prepared much of the groundwork for the team!

Some highlights:

  • Students of one of Peter’s Bibles Studies attended the course together, ate lunch together daily with their teacher, Esther Wiens. They shared that they feel like sheep without a shepherd, and are hoping another Canadian will come to lead them.
  • One student in this group, Vadim, asked Gordon if they could have a prayer meeting after classes. They met several times and were excited to have Christian fellowship.
  • Christian students were witnessing to their friends, and we saw progress in these Russian seekers. There is a great need for a Canadian worker to maintain friendships, English classes and Bible Studies if this Christian community is to continue and grow. Please join us in praying for this!