MEMO Makes it to the Local News!

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MEMO (medical equipment modernization opportunity) was recently featured on the Thunder Bay local news. This focuses on MEMO’s DOLLS project (dolls offering lots of love). There are many opportunities for you to donate to MEMO, either money, time or as seen here, sewing ability.

See the clip here (popup window alert, and may need Internet Explorer).

As stated in the clip, MEMO is currently responsible for shipping about $20M worth of hospital supplies to countries, like Cuba, that can put them to good use. Originally started in Thunder Bay, Ontario, MEMO initiatives are starting up in BC and Alberta. Drop us a line if you want to know more about MEMO and its opportunities, and how you can get involved.

Second Ukraine Video Clip

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This is the second of a total of four video clips I will be posting that showcase EFCCM participation in Ukraine. This shows some of our team members there, including Al and Suzie, who are now pastoring in San Diego.

I will be compiling all of these into a DVD soon which will then be sent to all EFCC congregations.

The Role of the EFCCM


It’s no secret that the world lacks. There is a lack of peace. A lack of money. A lack of hope. From those living in a privileged part of the world, there are two possible responses. One is to become more insular, cocooning yourself in your own comfort, and protecting yourself from the world. The other is to do something to change the world into more of the kind of place you want to live.

Here at the EFCCM, we want to intersect people’s lives with the living truth of the Gospel. This isn’t an agenda. A series of purpose statements. An institution. We are interested in introducing people — and getting them to know better — the One who can provide all needs and all answers. Whatever else we say or do, that’s our central goal.

There is a place for you to serve. Some place, some way. We invite you to investigate how. Feel free to contact us.

Update from Mexico

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The Agua Viva building continues its remarkable progress. The top floor has been poured, and the concrete is finished. There is a team right now working on the plumbing and the interior walls. Another will be arriving shortly to put the Styrofoam walls on the top floor (needed for insulation against the heat). There were some anxious moments spent looking for the electrical junction box. The city was starting to talk about having to run new power lines with poles, run at the church’s expense. That’s an costly proposition! But the existing box was found, and so the job will be much simpler.

While all the work is going on with the building, ministry continues strongly too. The ladies on the team partnered with some people from Agua Viva and visited the General Hospital with 150 handmade sandwiches. Patients and their families often have to travel long distances to the hospital, and then sit and wait when they get there. Along with the food and drink they offered, the team also had a number of tracts to hand out. Not one was refused! It was an encouraging time of practical outreach, sharing that time with people at the hospital.

Update from Thailand

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Larry and Diane in Thailand are earnestly praying for more workers to be raised up within the country, and for there to be a spiritual reawakening there. Oppression is so evident, with many people worshiping false gods and focusing on misplaced priorities. But there is some hope too.

Through on-campus ministries, some are finding hope in Jesus Christ. What better time is there than when youth are making such critical life decisions, and are in a place to be asking such deep questions! Larry requests prayer for more opportunities for conversations to develop with students, and for ways that the Lord would clearly reveal himself to them. There are also some that are expressing a desire to learn more about God and His word, perhaps even at a Bible College. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom, guidance and provision for those potential leaders for the Thai church.

Join us in praying that the Lord would continue to use this couple to make a lasting impact in lives in Thailand, and that their heartfelt yearning for a real revival would be realised!