We received this news from Mel, the EFCCM’s Asia Area Director from a pastor in the Philippines. At this time we have reached out to Jason and Andrea, who are serving with us in the country, but have not heard back from them personally. Initial reports are that they have not been directly affected by this earthquake, but of course the whole nation will feel its impact.

At this time we are requesting that you take this as a request to pray. We will provide more tangible ways to help through the EFCCM when those become available.


Dear Friends of the EFCP,

This is an update of the earthquake that struck the provinces of Cebu and Bohol last week.

It was really a very strong earthquake and lasted a very long period – about 30 seconds. We thought that the EFCP building in Cebu City would collapse at that moment. My wife Lina and I are staying at the 3rd floor of the EFCP building; and we were under the table upstairs during the earthquake, anticipating a collapse of the building.

But we are safe and there is no major damage on the building so far. Yet, there are so many aftershocks occurring everyday until now. The other day, I heard something like 1,800 aftershocks since Tuesday. We have no normal activity yet and no normal sleep. We are staying now at the ground floor for easy way out during aftershocks.

There are a lot of damages and casualties in several parts of Cebu City; and much more in Bohol, which is heavily affected. So far, the EFCP constituents in Cebu are generally safe. But our churches and outreaches in Bohol are also affected, according to initial report. There is no detailed information yet from Bohol due to damaged communication lines.

Tomorrow, October 21st, I am going to Bohol to bring relief assistance and to see the extent of damage. We have churches and outreaches in the towns of Maribojoc, Antiquera, Calape, Dagohoy, Luay, Pilar, and in Tagbilaran City.

We will keep you updated. Thank you very much for your prayers.

In Christ,
Pastor Prisco