On the Subject of Tributes

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Martha Goertzen’s life on Earth ended quietly and calmly earlier this month. Her memorial service was held on Friday, April 11th, and was a wonderful reflection of a woman who committed herself to missions in Germany for 38 years.

Martha lived an amazing testimony. Her years of service established deep connections with the German people she served beside. In fact some would go as far as to say that Germany is home to her ‘real’ family.

In her later years, she was a regular volunteer at the EFCCM Home Office, and impressed all of us with the efficiency, nimbleness and dedication she applied to each task she took on.

The memorial of a woman like Martha is an honour to witness. She had so much strength of character and force of will, and balanced it with a quirky sense of humour. We miss her — but we look forward to seeing her again.

Couldn’t Be Better (Updated for Accuracy)

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Is there a better way to pay tribute to a person? Dale Enarson was involved with the EFCCM until recently when he died suddenly. The idea emerged to honour his memory by assembing and shipping a MEMO container to Latin America. We are celebrating that the Dale Enarson Memorial Container from Edmonton was filled last week and is on its way. It contains among other things two washing machines needed badly in Caibarien and Remedios and a much needed xray machine for Remedios.

We tell the Cubans when they ask for things they need that we will pray and ask God for it. So when these things are supplied it is a wonderful testimony to the love and power of our God. Pray the containers contents may arrive safely at the intended destination, and like all the equipment that has gone before, that it would be put to really good use there.

Dale had a positive influence in the Earth, which continues on even after he as left it. May we each strive to live like that!