Positive Health News On Two Fronts

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Occasionally we use our blog to keep you informed about missionaries’ lives directly. This is one such post.

Ernest and Effie serve with us in Venezuela. We were recently alerted that Effie needed eye surgery to correct a cataract. They recent report states that it went very well, with good comments from her Doctor during the 10-15 min surgery. There was great relief when she only had to have a transparent patch over the eye, (as there had been a possibility that it would be completely covered for 24 hrs) and it was great to walk out seeing! They removed the lens she no long needs from her glasses. While she can read (with only slight difficulty), she will still need them for reading and it is possible that she will be given the new prescription on Wednesday.

As only one eye needed immediate attention, she will continue to use her glasses. “The verse that keeps popping into her mind is 1 Corinthians 13:12: For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” It is so wonderful to see the beautiful colours of God’s creation and to see things clearly again. Their prayer is that in our daily walk with Jesus we will see clearly the path that lays out for us.

Rudy and Erna serve with us in Bolivia. They recently celebrated the first event held at the new ministry centre, called the Bridge. Rudy has had some recent history with his heart. He had to undergo surgery a few months back, but seemed to have recovered fully. However he suddenly experienced rather significant symptoms again this week. He was taken to hospital and was examined. He has been assured my medical staff that his heart has not been damaged. That is very good news. However, they can’t tell what the problem is exactly, which must be unsettling. He will be monitored pretty carefully (especially by Erna, I’m sure!). One aside about this story: Rudy and Erna were scheduled to be in a remote area when his symptoms struck. It was fortunate that they were instead close to medical assistance!

I’ve mentioned this a few times recently, but our missionaries need your regular prayer. They face opposition, even sometimes from their own bodies, but God’s will continues to triumph in and through them. May he be glorified in all ways!

Peace in Venezuela..So Far

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Our missionaries in Venezuela have asked for prayer for the political conditions there. A recently proposed change to the constitution was going to create a dangerous precedent. That has been voted down — by the slimmest of margins. We would like to see peace and stability continue there, but there are mounting threats to it. Internal and external tensions seem to be mounting — pray for temperance and wisdom to prevail!