Video From Mexico

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One of the biggest concerns in missions is that we not create depency among the people we’re working with. It isn’t responsible to simply offer handouts — it creates expectations, and it hurts local industry. That’s why I like this particular story. This is all about getting people (Mexicans and Canadians) to partner together to address the needs of one family. It’s a time of shared commitment and effort amongst the Mexican church, and a real testimony to the surrounding community too.

New EFCCM Staff in Mexico

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Lane and Sheri recently joined Greg and Shelli in Hermosillo, Mexico. They are developing ministry to bring relief to the poor in a variety of ways. This is one that caught my eye:

“There is a lady in the church who is raising 3 kids (16, 13, 7) on her own and she is getting by, but with no room to spare. She lives in a tiny 3 room house in a very modest neighbourhood where there are many abandoned houses. Two of these abandoned houses front her property (one on the side and one behind). Now these types of houses tend to attract people who are up to no good. Often drug deals and other such things happen there. This family doesn’t have a wall to separate their property from the others and therefore after doing their “business” in these abandoned houses, the people will often walk right through their yard or even through their house! The 16 year old girl often cares for her younger siblings while Mom is at work. This obviously isn’t the type of environment in which anyone would want to raise 3 kids on their own!” (Read more here…)

They posted a clip that you can watch that gives a real impression of how strong a need this particular need is, and how it’s being addressed.

EFCCM Overview Video Clip


This was the video that we presented at Conference 2008 on behalf of the EFCCM. There are a lot of people that contributed footage and stills to this project — many of them may not even know. Thanks go to all of them. And a special thanks goes to Jay who provided the voice for this piece — the voice gets the most comments and compliments by far. :-)

Copies of this video were handed out liberally at Conference — if you would like one for your church, or just for yourself, drop us an e-mail.

Is God Calling You?


This short clip asks how you feel God’s call to ministry and outreach. We are firmly convinced that Christians are called to missions. We can’t tell you exactly what that looks like for you, but we are eager to walk that road together with you.

We invite you to investigate whether there’s a place for you to serve at the EFCCM!

Ukrainian Team

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Here is the fourth and final clip from the Experience Ukraine DVD project. This gives a brief snapshot of just a few of the Ukrainian people we’ve partnered with there.

Please pray for the continued growth of these special leaders with the Ukrainian church. Many of these stories are of young, first-generation Christians. They quickly find themselves in roles that require God’s wisdom and direction daily. They have a challenge, and an opportunity. When you realise that most of these stories intrinsically tied to DBI, its role for leadership development becomes even more significant in Ukraine.