We are all very excited about the EFCC’s Women’s Ministries new project unveiled at Conference. Zimbabwe is facing extreme poverty and debilitating disease, which has pushed the average life expectancy to under 30 years old.

This project is an effort to bring assistance to Zimbabweans, to show compassion, and to share hope.

The nuts and bolts of project focus on agricultural improvements which are primarily aimed at subsistence farmers, and which will have a benefit on the whole community.

Please share this video with your small groups, your church and anyone else who you think should see it.

If you’d like the insert, you can find it by clicking the on the links below:
High-res version
Low-res version (~260KB).

You can also contribute to this project right away by visiting our donation page and inputting the project code 2-4040.

We are very excited to announce that the WM Project for 2011 will support Church Planting in Canada. We are entering a new emphasis on growth within our movement, and long to see new, healthy congregations beginning all across our country!

Please pray for us as we step forward into this vision that we feel God is calling us. Pray that we would all be able to support each other with wisdom and clarity so that we can move forward in unity. And pray that God’s generosity would be expressed through his people so that this year’s project would be another resounding success.

The Promotion Specifics

The video on DVD and a bulletin insert have been mailed to every EFCC congregation in Canada. You may show the video off of this website if you have the technology, and we’re also making a digital copy of the insert available here:

Bulletin Insert pdf (~5.5MB)

If you wish to donate to this directly, you may use our donation page, and in the project just make to include the following code: 2-4040.

WM Project from EFCCM on Vimeo.

We are excited to announce that EFCC Women’s Ministries (WM) have chosen to support la Casa Mariposa for the coming year. La Casa Mariposa (the Butterfly House) is the EFCCM’s centre for healing and transformation to young women and mothers who suffer the burden of abuse within the remote Mennonite colonies of Bolivia.

Please join me in thanking the following:

  • Lynn for not needing too much persuasion to be our on-camera spokesperson (she did a great job!)
  • Danny in Bolivia who provided most of the stills for this piece
  • Jeff who helped me imagine a lot of the concept for this video, and helped to develop its look, design, soundtrack, etc.

DVD copies of the above video are being sent to all of our churches. Be on the lookout for them!

You may download you own copy of this clip (right click, and select ‘save as…):
WM Project — Casa Mariposa in WMV format (for Windows) ~24MB
WM Project — Casa Mariposa in M4V format (for Mac) ~37MB

And finally, we’ve also created a sheet that outlines the specifics of what we’re raising money for. You can download it as a pdf and print it out for yourself:
WM Project bulletin insert pdf ~5MB


Youth within Canada’s indigenous communities have deep, specific needs. The EFCC’s Women’s Ministries has felt those needs, and for its annual project, has turned its attention to Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The goal of the WM project is to raise sufficient money to hire a youth pastor for the EFCC congregation in the area. A pastor will continue to grow the church’s outreach to children and youth, offering them healthy alternatives to the party-life peer pressure that abounds around them. Read more