Zimbabwe is in and out of the news as a desperate country. This documentary shares some of the realities behind the headlines.

If you would like to participate in what the Zimbabwe Gecko Society is accomplishing in desperate communities, there are many, many ways. Contact Susan through the ministry’s website for more information:
Zimbabwe Gecko Society

If you would like to donate directly to this ministry, select “Janetti, Frank and Susan” in the dropdown list provided on this page.
As a fundraising effort, the Society is putting on their annual garage sale later this month:

Saturday May 24th, 2014
White Rock Baptist Church
1657 140th Street, Surrey BC

If you can make, they’d love to see you there!

We are all very excited about the EFCC’s Women’s Ministries new project unveiled at Conference. Zimbabwe is facing extreme poverty and debilitating disease, which has pushed the average life expectancy to under 30 years old.

This project is an effort to bring assistance to Zimbabweans, to show compassion, and to share hope.

The nuts and bolts of project focus on agricultural improvements which are primarily aimed at subsistence farmers, and which will have a benefit on the whole community.

Please share this video with your small groups, your church and anyone else who you think should see it.

If you’d like the insert, you can find it by clicking the on the links below:
High-res version
Low-res version (~260KB).

You can also contribute to this project right away by visiting our donation page and inputting the project code 2-4040.

I was pleased to film this Q&A between Petros and Susan. (Fun fact: Susan wrote the info, and the questions! :-)   )

Please share this with your family, friends and church. Zimbabwe needs our prayers and our help in tangible ways. Some of these have been outline in the EFCCM’s World of Hope campaign. You can find more details about that by clicking here.

Additionally, Susan provided this video piece which features a song written and donated to Zimbabwe Gecko Society by local, BC artist Sanna Lavallee: