Some Helpful Resources for Your Church

On this page, we’ve compiled some resources that we trust will be useful to your church and its ministry. If you would like to order copies of brochures or booklets that you see listed here, please get in touch with us.


FairShare explains the financial commitment between churches and the movement, as represented by Home Office. Our desire is to make this as easy as possible to understand and to implement.


Here are some brochures that we’re using to provide easily digestible, visual information about the EFCC. You can order copies of these to hand out in your church, or to put into brochure racks in your foyer.

Who Is The EFCC?

An engaging, visual brochure which shares the vision, mission and core values of the EFCC. This is a useful conversation starter for new visitors to your church.

Click here to see this brochure.

A Closer Look

This booklet describes our beliefs, our ethos, our structure and some of our history.

Click here to see the Closer Look booklet.

Who Is The EFCCM?

An engaging, visual introduction to the core values of the EFCCM. Useful to share with missionaries support teams who may have no pre-existing knowledge of the EFCC movement.

Click here to view this brochure.

Rack Cards

Rack cards are the size of a brochure, but they are just two-sided cards. Their meaning and intention can be understood in a brief glance. We are developing a number of these to cover a variety of topics. See the ones currently available below — you can click on them to see a pdf preview.

To order these for your church, contact Home Office.

Rack cards are short and punchy. This one is about the prayer initiative which dovetails with Revitalize.

Our motto is a way to identify us. There’s more to ours than meets the eye.

The Growing 3 is the unifying strategic goal of the EFCC — growing Family, Leaders and Churches.

Explore the layers of care we offer our missionary families.

National Mission describes the work we do across Canada. Click the image above to see more details.

Check out some of the convenient ways we offer to contribute financially to what we’re doing for God’s Kingdom.

“Evangelical” and “Free” are part of our name, but it’s not necessarily clear what they mean. This card helps to explain this.

Within our partnership with FEAL, we have the ability to help several refugee families for a fraction of the cost of resettling them to another country.

This card offers a thumbnail sketch of Congregationalism, the model for local church governance in the EFCC.

Here is a glimpse of the work we’re doing around the world, as we match the generosity of supporters with the commitment of missionaries.

Articles of Interest

These articles are provided as reflections on matters considered important to the EFCC. We do not view these as authoritatively as we view our Statement of Faith, for example. We offer them to spark your thinking, and to shape the ongoing dialogue within the Evangelical Free Church Family.

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada affirms the historic, theological and Biblical understanding of marriage and sexuality.

In a Congregational church, authority resides in the corporate will of the church membership. This article helps to frame what that means, and what it does not mean.

Our EFCC covenant of personal and professional ethics addresses the “professional life” of those who
serve in the EFCC.

“I have only met one man who made counterfeit money…I have met, however, more numerous cases where money made counterfeit men, even in ministry.”

Many of you are aware that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Trinity Western University (TWU) regarding the proposed law school. This has sparked some changes, and the reactions to these are mixed.

One of the great challenges behind coordinating a movement is to identify essentials vs. non-essentials. Here’s how we do that!