COVID-19 Updates & Resources

COVID-19 has disrupted innumerable plans all over the world. It has directly or indirectly threatened people’s lives and livelihoods.

But ministry continues despite the uncertainty and challenges. Though we are unable to gather in our buildings, the church is still determined to be the faithful, serving community it was always intended to be.

We are developing a library of resources which we trust you will find practical and uniquely tailored to your context.

Call to Love, Prayer and Confession

This is a document we prepared for you as you begin to gather again. You may use it with your leadership team and congregation as you see fit

Moving Forward Booklet

We prepared this guide to help you process through what a ministry after COVID world might look like. We hope at least some ideas in here will be useful.

A Topical Sermon

As we continue to face the unpredictable conditions sparked by COVID-19, Bill has written and delivered this sermon for your encouragement, and for the encouragement of those in your care.

Update from the EFCC July 2020

We’ve lost track of how long we’ve been facing COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. As they start to relax, here is a word of encouragement from Bill Taylor, Executive Director of the EFCC.

Benevolence Fund Update

Thank you for stepping up to make a difference in the lives of desperate people around the world! The Benevolence Fund is a vehicle to bring assistance to the people who need it most.

Church in the Time of COVID-19

We have been in COVID-19 lockdown for roughly 6 weeks now, and it seems like many of us have adjusted to some new norms. Here is some perspective and encouragement for you from our Executive Director.

Sermon: Renewal Through Rough Waters

A sermon that takes stock of the challenges we face through COVID-related distancing and isolation.

Financial Resources are Available

Here are some financial resources provided by the Canadian Government available to your church and ministry. (Updated November 4, 2021)

For a more info on these, click here.

Insights from Our Leadership Catalyst

This video might provide a useful guide to think about next steps as your church makes plans for a post-COVID reality.

The EFCCM’s New Benevolence Fund

It’s finally here! We’ve been planning our benevolence fund for a while, and it’s taken work and research to ensure that it’s in compliance with CRA.

Update from the National Mission Director

Ministry continues! In this clip, Neil provides a bit of an update from the National Mission perspective.

Encouragement from the Executive Director

We are all in this together! In this clip, Bill offers some perspective, and some advice as we all face the realities imposed on us by COVID-19.

A Resource from Tearfund

It’s critical that our local churches are aware of the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 and the isolation that accompanies it.

This resource is provided by Tearfund, a partner of the EFCC: Psychosocial Support Guide