Project: Agua Yaku

Agua Yaku brings clean water to rural communities in poverty stricken Bolivia. The name for the project are the Spanish and Quechua words for water. Clean water is provided by either drilling a new shallow well through the sandy soil at the start of the jungle area or by bringing Sawyer water filters to the community where they have water but contaminated water.

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Project: El Alfarero Center for Family Care This project was...

Beams, Danny & Vanessa

Career Missionaries in Bolivia

Beams, Danny & Vanessa

Position: Career Missionaries in Bolivia

Project: El Alfarero Center for Family Care

This project was previously called the “Ruth and Noemi Transition House.”  It’s primary focus was to give young women who suffer from abuse a refuge where they could live, and receive counseling and job training to improve their lives. The project has shifted its focus somewhat and is now called “CAFA” which stands for “Centro de Apoyo Familiar El Alfarero”. Translated to English this means, “El Alfarero Center for Family Care.”  While CAFA continues to maintain a refuge for women, the refuge is now reserved for women who are currently suffering from domestic abuse and need a temporary shelter for safety reasons. The primary focus of CAFA is a non-residential counseling and mentoring program for women and families who are suffering from violence in the home. The CAFA staff train volunteers in counseling and mentoring. CAFA administrates ongoing 13 week group sessions, and private counseling and legal assistance for women and families (abused and abusers).

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