Project: Agua Yaku

Agua Yaku brings clean water to rural communities in poverty stricken Bolivia. The name for the project are the Spanish and Quechua words for water. Clean water is provided by either drilling a new shallow well through the sandy soil at the start of the jungle area or by bringing Sawyer water filters to the community where they have water but contaminated water.

EFCCM Personnel

Project: Ruth & Noemi Transition House This Bolivia based transition...

Beams, Danny & Vanessa

Career Missionaries in Bolivia

Beams, Danny & Vanessa

Position: Career Missionaries in Bolivia

Project: Ruth & Noemi Transition House

This Bolivia based transition home gives young ladies who are in a state of abandonment, homelessness, or unexpected pregnancy a place to live until they get their feet under them again. In Bolivia, all children who live in orphanages must leave when they reach the age of 18. Our Transition Home welcomes these girls.

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