This year we are holding our first ever Annual General Meeting in an off-Conference year!

OkotoksThe meeting will take place at Okotoks EFC in Okotoks, Alberta, on May 26, 2015, starting at 4pm. This coincides with Day 1 of EFCC Theological Summit 2015. Your church will be entitled to send delegates to Okotoks or to have those delegates join via live video streaming. We will send details regarding this live-streaming option in a few weeks’ time.

Click here for all the Theological Summit 2015 details!

The agenda for this AGM will be brief yet important: a report from the Executive Director, a financial report and a video update regarding what is going on in the movement as a whole. We invite you to elect your delegates for this AGM in the same way as you do for the biennial EFCC Conference.

Agenda of the AGM Business Meeting

A delegate form explaining how many delegates each church may “send” to the AGM (whether in person or virtually, via live-streaming)

Other reports will be sent out to the churches and delegates prior to the AGM. Please plan to choose your delegates and email your delegate forms to us with the information requested (especially if they are joining the AGM via live streaming). Please also note that the Business Meeting requires a quorum (25%) of member churches, so even if there are none from your fellowship planning to attend EFCC Theological Conference, you can still attend, in person or virtually, the Business Meeting.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Okotoks!

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  1. Jean Enarson
    Jean Enarson says:

    Hi there — I’m trying to find a note which gives the schedule of the Theological Summit. I have registered, but would like to know the actual schedule of the meetings. Thanks, Jean

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