EFCC Sunday 2015

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We invite you to celebrate EFCC Sunday with us this year. This is a somewhat different focus than we’ve had in previous years (eg Home Office Sunday). We’re highlighting an initiative that we believe is important to the whole EFCC family!

Introducing LeadBeyond

LeadBeyond is a leadership development effort that is already underway. As I write this, we’re currently in the research stage, surveying pastors and dialoguing with leaders throughout the movement to get a better sense of what the needs and opportunities are. The initial idea was borne at a recent annual Leadership Retreat, which is a 30for30smconversation among leaders from all levels of the EFCC. In those sessions, and subsequent connections, leadership development has been identified as the single greatest need facing the EFCC.

LeadBeyond has a strong team of dreamers and pragmatists behind it headed up by Dan Nicholson, now serving as the EFCC’s Leadership Catalyst. It is being funded by the 30 for 30 campaign announced at Conference 2014. 30 for 30 is named for its aim to raise $30 for each attender to celebrate 30 years of ministry in Canada.

Some of the ideas being pondered now:

  • facilitating ministry internships
  • orientation and training activities
  • promoting and sharing resources

To help your church partner with us for EFCC Sunday featuring 30 for 30 and LeadBeyond, we’ve prepared a printed handout (that can be e-mailed as a pdf, or distributed with your church’s bulletin) and a video clip. You can either play it live, or you can download it and play it from a computer.

Handout (right-click to download the version you prefer):

EFCC Sunday Handout (web resolution) ~410KB
EFCC Sunday Handout (print resolution, double-sided) ~10.5MB

Slide (Right-Click to download for PowerPoint, etc.)

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Video (click through to Vimeo to find the download button beneath the clip):