EFCC Sunday 2017


We invite you to celebrate EFCC Sunday with us — a moment to reflect on the bigger family that we are all a part of. This time, we’re highlighting Revitalize. Revitalize is a dream that was launched at EFCC Conference 2016.

The date we’re suggesting for EFCC Sunday is April 23rd, but that date is not published anywhere in our material, so you’re free to pick any date that works for you.

There are two pieces we’re giving you to help out: a video clip (below) and a printable bulletin insert (even more below).

You can download the clip by clicking through on the word “Vimeo” above and looking for the download button.

We’re also providing a pdf of the bulletin insert:
Bulletin insert (~4MB)

As you present this to your church, we’d be honoured if you took a brief moment to reflect on FairShare (explained here). This is the mechanism which supports EFCC-wide ministry initiatives coordinated through Home Office. Thus EFCC Sunday isn’t asking for money. Instead it’s highlighting our existing relationship which has a financial component: when someone gives to your church, they’re giving to a much bigger “us” than is immediately apparent!