The following is written by Emily, who was interning with the EFCCM in Bolivia. She was serving at the Talita Cumi orphanage.

“God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.” – 1 Corinthians 1:27

As my time here in Bolivia comes to a close and as I think about all the different things that I have seen and learned during these four months, this verse seems to sum up so much of it well. I find myself realizing more and more that God’s primary purpose for sending me to Santa Cruz was not for me to teach these people profound things or for me, myself, to impact their lives in any special way – in fact, it’s turned out to be quite the opposite. And what better a person could God have chosen to confound and teach me than that whom the world considers to be the very weakest?

Fany has done just that.

This special girl has challenged me, surprised me, made me laugh until I cried, and made an impact on my life that I never expected. Between trying to get free of her death grip hugs (watch out, or she’ll get you too!), searching the house for one or both of her missing shoes that fell off along her journey, finding her fast asleep on the toilet, or simply sitting and talking with her (which usually consists of me just listening, because she’s not always the easiest person to understand), she has added much joy and excitement to my experience here.

I’ve enjoyed working with her so much that I’ve even changed my direction and I’ve decided to study disabilities studies this coming September in university. Who would’ve thought that this 26 year-old, wheelchair-bound girl would have impacted my life in such a way! I thank God for Fany’s life and I am so thankful that He has brought her onto my path.

Maybe the Lord will bring me back to Santa Cruz someday, but until then, I wish all the interns and everyone else who walks through these doors after me a wonderful, blessed, and life-changing experience. May you see Jesus in the form of these 30 smiling, running, caring kids… and may they impact you to such an extent that you can’t help but be transformed from the inside out. Have fun!

With love,


Internships with the EFCCM

Would you like an intern experience like Emily has described? One that will expose you to some real needs in the world, and which will give you a way to meet some? One which will open your eyes and your heart? One that will change your life?

Get in touch with Lisa ( — she’ll lead you through the steps to get you there.

Specifically, Talita Cumi is looking for people who are engaged in what’s happening in and through the orphanage, and who can keep supporters up to speed on their Facebook page, through letters and other correspondence. If you can speak Spanish, you can be involved right away in a much deeper level with the kids. And if you don’t know Spanish yet, you will certainly learn some while you’re there!

December and January are the months that Talita Cumi feels the greatest need for volunteers.