Sort of a switch to see North Americans clowning for the camera in Japan, isn’t it? (Because Home Office is located on Canada’s West Coast, we’re pretty used to seeing Japanese tourists having fun with their cameras around these parts.) Pictured here are Melvin, Daryl and Erin.

I’m glad that we have a moment like this to share — it’s a contrast with all of the continuing need and effort in Japan. (Kurt sent a couple of these pictures, and said we “gotta use one”!)

Update on Earthquake Relief

Kurt is about to head back to Sendai to further analyse the region’s needs, and to engage them himself in whatever ways are possible. We hope to have a more complete report available from him and Dale soon, both about what CRASH has achieved, and what the EFCCM specifically has contributed.

We are blessed and humbled by the generosity of donors, who are continuing to invest in relief and assistance despite the fact that this event has mostly slipped off the larger media’s radar.