This quick exceprt is from Laura, an EFCCM missionary in Japan:

Last weekend I went to Fukushima to volunteer as part of a CRASH Japan effort to help a network of churches in Fukushima City. The children in Fukushima are restricted from playing outside in many cases by parents who are worried about them accumulating radiation in their bodies. Therefore, the churches have planned recreational weekends for the area children and their families to travel to areas with lower radiation levels where they can play outside.

On this trip, we went to Aizu with the children and their families. As soon as the children saw the playground and surrounding wooded area, their faces lit up and they went running off the buses. They enjoyed a week end of playing basketball, soccer, tag, dodge ball, collecting stag beetles, etc. They also heard a ventriloquist who told them about Jesus. Many of the kids and their families are living under great stress and need the peace that Christ can bring. Last week I heard that above 30% of families in Fukushima city are living apart, as the father stays home to work and the mother and children live in areas with lower radiation levels.

Please continue to pray for the churches in Fukushima and CRASH Japan as the family of Christ tries to point the way to rest in Christ.

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  1. Eric James Marshman
    Eric James Marshman says:

    I would like to receive info on how I can become active in this outreach.
    I recently stayed a month in Kyoto & I fell in love with Japan.
    I plan on moving there ASAP.
    Please contact me if you are interested in a very hard working Christian man eager to help out in any way I can.
    Thank you.

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