Overarching Strategy: Growing 3

The Growing 3

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada began as a gospel movement of pioneering believers and churches 100 years ago. As we move forward in a new century, we are praying that God will grow us in three areas: we call this our “Growing 3”.

Growing Family

The EFCC is an “association of autonomous churches”. We value the fact that every church can govern its own affairs and carry out its God given mission without denominational control. However, what it means to be “Free Church” goes far beyond mere autonomy.  Our churches share a common Statement of Faith and Character and Calling. Our motto of “In Essentials unity, in non-essentials charity, in all things Jesus Christ” reminds us that we unite as family around an ethos that agree on gospel essentials, acts charitably towards other believers that hold differing opinions regarding non-essentials and place Jesus at the centre of everything we do and believe. We desire to unite around our identity as Free Church Christ followers and collaborate in the mission He has called us to.

Growing Leaders

The apostle Paul coached a plethora of younger leaders who would serve the Lord and His church. As we move forward as a mission movement, we recognise that we need to coach lay leaders, pastors and missionaries to help them be successful in their callings. We desire to build a culture of coaching where everyone is intentionally seeking out someone to coach and be coached. Additionally we are working to give strategic teams such as church boards the resources and training they need to successfully serve and lead their churches.

Growing Churches

The EFCC is a mission movement that has a history of planting churches in North America and around the globe. We are focused on helping our churches be vibrant, healthy congregations that reach out with the gospel, multiplying believers and churches. We have established the systems of assessment, training (Equip for Harvest, aka E4H) and coaching to help church planters succeed in making disciples and planting churches that will plant other churches. We are seeking to resource and network our churches and believers as they carry out the Great Commandment and Great Commission!