Continue to Pray for Petros

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For those of you who have been aware of and praying for our Africa Area Director, Petros Yergatian, last week we informed you that he had a pneumonia-like infection and with a treatment of antibiotics, he was on the mend.

Unfortunately, we received word yesterday that he is back in the hospital with more fluid on his lungs. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Update: Petros was released from Hospital is still a bit short of breath, tired and a times dizzy. He is working from home on some details but also trying to catch up both mission and business items. He is scheduled for another specialist consultation next Wednesday. Please continue to pray for the restoration of his health.

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  1. Communications
    Communications says:

    Thanks Ann — we added a little update above. It seems like he’s on the mend, but it may take longer than he would like.

  2. Petros Yergatian
    Petros Yergatian says:

    Thanks everyone for your prayers. I’m out of hospital and recuperating at home. I have a number of medical appointments set up for the next 2 weeks so will be taking it easy during that time. God is good.

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