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PulseTV is back with a new episode (this is the 4th one, if that kind of thing matters to you). Our two capable anchormen, Rich and Bill are back with compelling stories, one from Canada, and one from abroad. A name you may not have heard is Jeff — he’s a fourth year student at Trinity Western University, and is helping with a variety of our communication efforts. The process of shooting and editing this video was pretty much entirely left up to him. Thanks Jeff!

As always, this video is viewable on YouTube (above), and for downloading to your own computer (right-click on links below to save files):
Download the MP4 version (43.8MB)
Download the WMV version (25.4MB)

We hope that these stories are encouraging to you and the people around you as you share them. We’d love to hear how you’re using these in your social groups in the comments below.

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  1. Lois Plett
    Lois Plett says:

    Great intro to Pulse TV! I was looking for an update on the Pauly family in Haiti and came across Pulse TV…EEFCM’s “best-kept secret”! We have to get the word out – you guys do a terrific job of updating missions!!
    We do look forward to hearing the ststus of the Pauly family!!

    • Communications
      Communications says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Lois! We’re totally open to suggestions for getting word of PulseTV to a wider audience. :-)

      We have had word that Doon, Kelly and family are fine. I will be keeping this site updated (specifically this post) with the latest information. Unfortunately it’s not coming in as fast as we’d like…

  2. Kathy Corbin
    Kathy Corbin says:

    I like the format of PulseTV. A nice balance of reports about world and national work going on. We have been announcing PulseTV at our church services, and posting the site on the bulletin board and newsletter so that folks know to tune in. I happened on #4 today while looking for updates on the Pauly family as well. Glad to hear they are okay.

    • Communications
      Communications says:

      Thanks Cathy!

      I greatly appreciate the boost — any time we hear of our churches latching on to our resources we get really excited! Thanks for commenting here, and for promoting PulseTV. It gives us the drive to keep going!

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