This just in: We now have some firsthand pictures of the devastation in Sendai, Japan. Kurt (an EFCCM missionary) is currently in Sendai, investigating opportunities for involvement for North American churches and individuals. The church in Japan is rising to assist people — churches form the distribution network through which CRASH (our partner organisation) is working. We will have specific ways that you can assist our relief efforts in Japan very soon.

But for now, these photos will help you get a sense of the enormity of the loss.

Some people had three minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami. That’s simply not enough time to outrun a 10m (30ft) wall of water. Others had up to 30 minutes. They were more likely to escape, but many lost their homes, their neighbourhoods and their livelihoods. The first step for some of these survivors is to provide for their immediate needs, like drinking water and food. This in itself is a challenge because the crippling fuel shortage is limiting transportation to the city.

Pray for this situation. Pray that God would give leaders clear heads in this time of heightened stress. Pray that he would provide endurance for those who are so involved in this good work. And pray for his intervention so that this catastrophe would not get worse.

Would you like to contribute?

If you would like to donate to relief efforts in Japan, you can do so through our donation page by choosing ‘Project’ and specifying account 2-4615.