An update from one of our couples in Ukraine outlines the growing threat of credit abuse. For this particular people group (and for several others around the world), the concept of credit is entirely novel. With this new financial ‘freedom’, people are spending large amounts of money unwisely, and are getting themselves into real trouble. When people get deeply into debt with high interest rates (often as high as 40%), the consequences are severe.

Pray that your missionaries would be able to provide wise counsel to people, and help to prevent the growing problems. Much of the problems stem from unrealistic expectations created in western media which create unnecessary demand for the latest clothes, computers and other commodities. Added to that, there are generally few checks and balances in place to prevent banks from taking advantage of people. So some missionaries are working to get people to assess their needs and match those against their income. We have the opportunity to share the concept of Godly stewardship in places where it’s desperately needed.

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  1. Molly Porter
    Molly Porter says:

    We could use a financial person to come and teach about this area of credit and budgeting at a summer English institute in Ukraine. Anybody interested? Contact Neil Campbell, Ron Penner, or Craig McClun. We need you!

  2. EFCCM
    EFCCM says:

    This is a great suggested addition, Molly. I’ll promote it to a wider audience, (and I’ll let Craig know too).

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