Update from Mexico

In a post from Mexico called Fruit is Coming!, Lane and Sheri are excited to share the next steps of a youth outreach ministry.

“My vision in this ministry was (and still is) to pour into the more mature youth in our church and train them to lead this ministry, which they are now doing.  Those first months after we started, really that first year, had its share of bumps along the road.  The youth who were running it weren’t very faithful in showing up and taking much leadership and the kids who came from the shanty town absolutely bounced off the walls!  Well times have changed!”

Update from Japan

Japan is still in recovery mode from the devastating tsunami ~1.5 yrs ago. Dale and Ann have been exploring a variety of community-generating ideas, and they landed on sewing sandbags for seaweed growers. Seaweed is an important part of the Japanese diet, and the sandbags are a crucial component of . These sandbags weigh down the ropes embedded with seaweed seeds, which keeps them stable in the ocean water in the growing months.

The manufacturers of these sandbags have not been able be nearly keep up with demand. So Dale and Ann’s group of sewers has added to what’s available — enough that the growers can at least look forward to a nominally better crop next spring. Read more about this project, and the future dreams of what it could lead to, by clicking here.