We received this report from Erin, serving with us in Nagoya, Japan.

“After the reports from the U.S. Embassy ordered evacuations within a 50 mile (80km) radius of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, many people have asked me the question: “Are you staying?”. I felt that an email is in order to explain my reasons to stay for many worried family members and friends.

“First off, and most importantly, being in Japan as a missionary and an English teacher is not a job, but a calling. God opened the doors in miraculous ways to get me to Japan. My being here right now is a direct result or prayer, and most importantly answered prayer. I came to Japan as an English teacher and as a missionary. I stay because I am a missionary. I am staying because I feel that is it God’s will that I remain here to help those in need. Within the first week of arriving in Japan I felt that God warned me that there would be trials and tribulations ahead. He warned that I would need to rely on His strength and wisdom and not on my own. Well, family and friends, now is that time of trial and I surrender wholly to His will. Now is the time for me to be a light for God’s kingdom.

“To ease some of your worries about my decision to stay let me assure you that the evacuation zone by the U.S. Embassy is only mandatory within the 50 mile radius surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant. All other evacuations are voluntary evacuations of U.S. dependants. My decision to stay in Japan also will also enable Kurt [another EFCCM missionary — ed.] to bring supplies to the tsunami ravaged north side of Honshu (the main island in Japan). Tomorrow, Kurt will travel to Tokyo with supplies to help with the Love On Japan organization (A.K.A. CRASH).

“This past week the local churches have been collecting donations and supplies to send up to the very badly damaged north-eastern part of Honshu. Love On Japan (CRASH) is a Christian relief organization that equips local Christians and churches to aid their communities. Therefore, I will remain in Nagoya and teach both myself and Kurt’s classes to enable him go north and bring emergency aid to people in desperate need. Please keep Kurt in your prayers for safe travels and for protection against radiation. Please also keep Akane and I in your prayers for strength to take on more classes to cover for Kurt.

“For those concerned about the radiation from the nuclear plant in Fukushima please remember that I am 312 miles (500km) away from the plant. Nagoya is also protected by mountains on three sides, and the ocean on the fourth. Even in the worst case scenario (please pray it does not happen) and the plant turns into a nuclear bomb the winds always blow north or west and therefore Nagoya is not in the fallout path. They are trying to connect external power to re-engage the power plant’s cooling system. Please pray that they are successful.

In Christ,


“PS I would also like to give a shout out to Ms. Yeazell my geology teacher from Cedar Park Christian High School. Without your class Ms. Yeazell, I would have no clue what was happening with the tectonic plates. I am so happy that Nagoya is not directly on a fault line!”

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