Youth within Canada’s indigenous communities have deep, specific needs. The EFCC’s Women’s Ministries has felt those needs, and for its annual project, has turned its attention to Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The goal of the WM project is to raise sufficient money to hire a youth pastor for the EFCC congregation in the area. A pastor will continue to grow the church’s outreach to children and youth, offering them healthy alternatives to the party-life peer pressure that abounds around them.

To hear this project in Pastor Steve’s words, check out the following clip:

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Please pray for these outreach efforts. They take a lot of planning, energy and sustained commitment. We are working to spare these kids the pain that is prevalent in their communities, to give them the tools to live into their potential, and most importantly, to introduce them to the God that loves them. There are boundless opportunities, but there are limited resources. Decisions need to be made with care and wisdom.