World of Hope & Benevolence Fund

2020 has proven to be a year like no other. Covid-19 brought reports from many of the countries where we served telling us the impact of the quarantines and lock downs. In many of these countries, especially in the developing world, many people live day to day on the meager wages from jobs that they could no longer do and quality of life has been radically affected.

As the numerous stories came in we, at the EFCC|M, saw an opportunity to launch a Benevolence Fund to offer immediate relief to the situations we were hearing about. Sine the late spring and summer of this year, over $70,000 has been raised and distributed!

As the pandemic progresses past summer and stories continue to flow in we made the decision to merge our annual giving campaign “World of Hope” with the Benevolence Fund in an attempt to raise more funds for immediate relief. All of our missionaries will have access to these funds as their projects on field have needs that are amplified or have changed in the wake of Covid-19 and specifically relate to the purpose of the Benevolence Fund.

While most of the projects that missionaries have requested funds for through World of Hope are covered under our Benevolence Fund policies; there are a few that still require additional funding. If you would like to donate to one of these, please specify which project you would like to give to in the comment section of the donation form.

Donate to the EFCC Benevolence Fund

& World of Hope Fund

  • If you would like to donate to a project on the insert, you may choose either fund and put the name of the project in the comment section!
  • If you would like to donate to just Benevolence Projects, select the EFCC Benevolence Fund
  • If you would like to donate to just World of Hope Projects, select the World of Hope Fund

All funds will go towards our missionaries and those who have applied for aid as per our Designated Gifts Policy listed below

Designated Gifts Policy

Spending of funds is confined to organization-approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards an organization-approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the organization, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.