World of Hope this year strives to really introduce you to people’s stories. We’ve put a high priority on making each project engaging, not just informative. And we’ve got something for every budget.

This is what we’re saying about World of Hope:

“While planet Earth is full of dysfunction, misunderstanding and despair, we are called to hope, and hope actively. World of Hope is our opportunity. Here we reframe humanity’s feeble, foibled stories into testimonies of supernatural intervention. This is where we stand against the tide. We stake our claim in the promises of a loving God, and we take Him up on His invitation to participate.”

We feel this strongly, and we believe that you do too. Chances are good that you will see this piece in print. In fact, in the 4+ years that I’ve been here, I’m pretty confident saying that this is the single biggest mailout we’ve ever planned! However, if you would like a sneak peak, please feel free to download it below. This copy is web resolution for easy reading on the screen — if you need a version that will print well, just ask.

World of Hope 2010 (web resolution) — ~0.5MB

If you would like any element of this (eg the logo, pictures, etc.) for your church’s use (bulletin, website, PowerPoints, etc.), please contact us with your requirements. We’ll do whatever it takes to help as many as possible embrace our World of Hope.

Finally, please pray for World of Hope 2010. All of the projects in here are worthy efforts put forward by committed missionaries, and we are trusting God to bless their work through this. Thanks for your interest and support!

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    • Communications
      Communications says:

      Thanks for the comments, and the encouragement! If you don’t receive a copy of this directly in the mail, it is available as a download above.

      Have a great day!

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