World of Hope 2012

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We are hard at work on this year’s EFCCM World of Hope impact giving catalogue.

Now we need your input!

Could you tell us how many copies of this your church could use?

We’re prepared to print up to one per person for your church, and there is no cost to you.

Just send us an e-mail at with your church’s name, the address and the quantity.

Thanks so much!

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    • Communications
      Communications says:

      Great questions, Dale!

      There will certainly be an online version. That will be coming out shortly. There are a few pieces needed before the World of Hope goes live.

      Also, we are trying to revamp the online donation page to make it more intuitive for this kind of giving. Because I can’t promise when that will be completed, I will mention that if a donor states the project code on our current donation page, the donation will be applied directly to the chosen project. We’ll be making that as clear as we can, and the processes are in place behind-the-scenes.

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